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Yoruba Name Translate To Someone Identity

One’s name is one’s identity, Yoruba names reflect the culture, trade, gods being worshipped in the family as well as the situation in which a child was born. Yoruba had faith in the Almighty God of Heaven ever before the advent of Christianity and Islam.
Ifa was then the religion of the Yoruba people, because “Ifa” was the medium of consulting God before embarking on any venture. Yoruba believed in the messengers of God known as mini gods called “Orisa”.
There many mini gods but prominent among them are: Ogun – god or Iron; Sango – god of thunder and lightning; Oya – river Niger goddess, wife of Sango; Yemoja – goddess of all rivers; Oso – wizard deity, Osun – river goddess; Olokun – Ocean goddess; Sopona – deity associated with chicken pox; Esu – god of protector as well as trickster deity that generates confusion; etc.
The names that were associated with all these Yoruba gods are disappearing because they are being replaced with “Olu, Oluwa, Olorun”, to reflect the modern beliefs. Check below names that associated with the traditional and modern faith:
IFÁ – Yoruba belief of Divination Orúkọ idile Yorùbá Orúkọ igbàlódé ti ó dipò orúkọ ibilẹ̀/Yoruba Surnames/Modernised Surnames/English-Literal meaning – IFA –Yoruba Religion
Fábùnmi – Olúbùnmi —- Ifa/God gave me
Fádádunsi – Dáhùnsi —- Ifa responded to this
Fadaisi/Fadairo – Oludaisi —- Ifa/God spared this one
Fadójú/Fadójútimi – ——Ifa did not disgrace me
Fádùlú ——- Ifa became town
Fáfúnwá – Olúfúnwá—–Ifa/God gave me to search
Fágbàmigbé ——Ifa did not forget me
Fágbàmilà/Fagbamiye——–Ifa saved me
Fágbèmi Olúgbèmi——-Ifa/God supported me
Fagbemileke-Oluwagbemileke——Ifa/God made me prevail
Fágbénró-Olúgbénró——Ifa/God sustained me
Fágúnwà——-Ifa straightened character
Fájánà/Fatona——Ifa led the way
Fájọbi——–Ifa joined at delivery
Fájuyi——Ifa is greater than honour
Fakẹyẹ——-Ifa gathered honour
Fálànà-Olúlànà——Ifa/God opened the way
Fálayé——-Ifa is the way of the world
Fáléti——-Ifa has hearing
Fálọlá——-Ifa is wealth
Fálolú-Ọláolú——Ifa is god
Fámùkòmi/Fáfúnmi – Olúwafúnmi——Ifa/God gave to me
Fámúrewá———Ifa brought goodness
Farinre-Ọlarinre——-Ifa/Wealth came in goodness
Fáṣeun-Olúwaṣeun—–Thanks to Ifa
Faséùn/Fápohùndà——-Ifa kept his words
Fáṣọlá-Olúṣọlá——-Ifa/God created wealth
Fatimilẹhin-Oluwatimilẹhin——Ifa/God supported me
Fátúnàṣe—–Ifa repaired morals
Faturoti——-Ifa is worth waiting on
Fáyẹmi-Olúyẹmi —–Ifa/God suits me
Fayoṣe———Ifa will perform it
Ọláifá-Ọláolú——–Ifa’s wealth
(Source from: Proudly Yorùbá, Written By: Bim A)

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