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Why We Must Come Together As Ondo Ekimogun Citizen

There is a time and a season for everything under heaven. It is a new time, a new season and a New Dawn for Ondo Kingdom, enough of underdeveloped Ondo Kingdom.

The time and era of rural Ondo Kingdom is gone, transformation with immediate effect is the new vision and goal. Only new ways and approach will accomplish this new vision and goal.

It is time to change from our old attitude of individualism and support each other in whatever we are doing.

It is time to appreciate the quality and performance of talents and gifting within Ondo Kingdom.

It is time to come together and contribute our own quota to the development of Ondo Kingdom.

It is time to put our pride and negativity behind ourselves and turn a new leaf in the interest of infrastructural development and love for each other in Ondo Kingdom.

It is time to put the best people in position to re shape our ways of thinking and allow those who are movers and shakers in our midst to exercise their strength and change the look of our Kingdom.

It is time to join our hands together as Ondo Ekimogun indigenes in Diasporas old or young irrespective of our individual differences to mobilize the Ekimogun Indigenes for developments efforts.

It is time to use our knowledge, professionalism, socialism, exposures and enthusiasm for the development of Ondo Ekimogun Kingdom.

otunbaIt is time to borrow a proper leaf from Ondo Development Committee to contribute to the transformation of our community to be like a city in the western world “yes we can”.

It is time to come together and assist the underprivileged in our community and build a good legacy for future generations to emulate.

It is time to allow and support the energetic Ondo Ekimogun Indigenes worldwide to perform according to the best of their ability and encourage them through moral and financial support.

It is time to think positively together and forget the old attitude of individualism where every household believes that they have their own King and this has cause a lot of setbacks to our community development.

It is time to trade respect as a reciprocal irrespective of age, sex, influence or personality within the society in the interest of unity among Ondo Ekimogun Sons and Daughters and establish an achievable vision for Ondo Kingdom.

It is time to recognize that we need to source out and mobilize the people with the means (financial, wisdom, talent, enthusiasm, energy, intellectual, technocrat and etc) that will make a change or contribute to the ongoing development that Ondo Kingdom deserved to be given with the opportunity to perform in a brand new way.

It is time for everyone to be part of this new dawn with focus and accept the fact that we all stand to benefits from whoever that leads the war against setbacks and open the way to breakthroughs for an infrastructural development to commence immediately from our dear Ondo Ekimogun Citizenry in diaspora to our fatherland.

It is time to support every avenue to jointly develop Ondo Ekimogun Kingdom and please remember that your contributions (finance, time, talents, encouragement and etc) count most to make the vital change.

Long live Ondo Ekimogun Kingdom!

God help us all (amen).

Chief (Otunba) Damilola Oladimeji POH, ECHGA, GIOU

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