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Waxing Spiritual (Religiosity & Piety)

Some people think the outward display of religious faiths can be interchangeable with closeness to the Almighty and should be indicative of the observance of His spiritual injunctions. If this were true, the Holy Books – the Bible, the Qur’an and the Torah – would not have been replete with parables and stories of spiritual fakery and sanctimonious hypocrisy.

People forget that self-righteousness is not religion and that nothing encapsulates a life of piety than an unshakeable belief in the centrality of God to human existence and the injunction to love our neighbor as ourselves.

While supplications to God in the form of prayers and glorification of His Almightiness should be encouraged, ostentatious prayers full of drama and theatrics are, in the main, better suited for human audience.

Boko Haram members probably will take time out from their murderous escapades to observe the rituals of the five Muslim daily prayers; Evangelical Pastors are making the news nowadays not, by way of winning souls, but by impregnating nubile members of the congregation or getting rich through fraud.

As social values become more and more corrupted, Churches and Mosques grow in exponential proportions without impacting the mores of society. Nigeria has one of the highest number of places of spiritual worship in the world and yet, she is a reference in depravity and all kinds of social vices!

Definitely, there must be a vast difference in what we outwardly and ostentatiously profess spiritually ( religiosity) and our attitudinal response to scriptural injunctions of God. Piety is that righteousness that coincides with God’s directives. May His name be exalted!

Written By: Hon. Taoheed Ajao

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