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Vengeance Is For God

It is in the nature of human beings when deeply hurt by someone, to want to exact vengeance. But the good Lord has said that vengeance is His!

We should try not to develop the vengeful spirit because the desire for a pound of flesh is a negative emotion that destroys rather than helps the psyche.

However, there can be some comforting relief at the effluxion of time for somebody who is unjustly reviled, persecuted or defamed. Rectitude of thoughts and action before man and God is a most powerful tool of divine endearment. Again before God, unearned suffering and unjust persecution are redemptive.

It is the very flow of time that ultimately vindicates the righteous from the burden of lies, negative comments and evil propaganda of people of ill-will.

When that vindication comes, when time reveals the truth, and when God gives one the grace to be alive to witness the discomfiture of people who had unsuccessfully plotted one’s downfall, that is when God exacts vengeance on one’s behalf. That is when vengeance is sweetest!


Written By: Hon. Taoheed Ajao

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