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A Reality Check On The Ondos

It certainly couldn’t have been a misnomer on the part of the colonialists to have named the geographical space encompassing the present Ondo and Ekiti States as “Ondo Province” right from their time and until the creation of states in 1976, when the same entity was re-christened Ondo State. It …

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The Yoruba Concept of Abiku and Emere In Yorubaland

It could sound primitive, but it is real especially the Yoruba race. Some children over time reborn to the same mother with the previous look, sex, complexion and structure. Owing to ephemeral nature of Abiku life, Abiku completes several consecutive life-cycles with one mother. In some reality cases, the Yorubas, …

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The Ondo Road Eastwards Of Lagos

During the first six decades of the nineteenth century, practically all the trade of the Yoruba country with the Europeans on the coast was done by the western Yoruba peoples – Egba, Egbado, Ijebu and Ibadan. The chief trade routes passed through Egbados, Abeokuta and Ijebu near the coast, and …

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Christian Faith And Cultures Historical Background

The practice of taking the Good News to different cultures has taken place throughout the entire history of the Church. We need only think of Saint Paul’s missionary work in relation to the Greco-Roman communities of his time to understand that the “tradition” of the gospel in different cultural contexts …

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