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76th Memorial Anniversary Of Late High Chief Osinrungboye (Lisa Of Ondo Kingdom 1919 -1944) – My Paternal Great Grandfather (Yeye Sadeyi Orimolade – Nee Osinrungboye Stock)

With the little that I will divulge to the general public as mentored in history, late High chief Lisa Osinrungboye was born in Ondo Town in the 18th Century whose father was a powerful traditional herbalist that care for the needs of the people. Late High Chief Osinrungboye became Lurowo …

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More Fact To Know About Ondo Town Past Events – Late High Chief Joseph Akinola Akinsipe (Lipakala) Of Blessed Memory

The Ondo Town once known as seat of the Ondo Native Authority, Ondo Divisional Council and later became Ondo Local Government Council, and today known as Ondo West Local Government Council which has served as the Administrative Headquarters of today’s Ondo State and Ekiti State respectively since the ‘Indirect Rule …

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Yesteryear’s Prominent People In Ode-Ondo – (Alhaji Hamzart Daramola; 1870–1962)

Alhaji Amusa Daramola, who was born in Ondo in 1870, not only became a highly successful timber magnate during the colonial era, he was arguably, the preeminent entrepreneur in the logging business in Ondo Division. Along with his bosom friend, late Seriki Seidu Tugbobo Fawehinmi and a few Britons, they …

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