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Things you should know about Ondo

Ondo town is about 48 Kilometres from Akure, the Capital of Ondo State. It is an ancient settlement animated with colour, life and serves as an embodiment and meeting point of ancient civilization and modernization.

Topography: The town has a conductive investment climate and a favourable tropical weather with average rainfall and ample sunshine. It is surrounded by hills and that to a reasonable extent contributes to its modern temperature.

Hospitality Business: Ondo has recently become a safe haven for ambitious entrepreneurs wishing to take advantage of the conviviality of the town and the emergence of different business opportunities. Hotels in Ondo town which are of different sizes can complete favourably among others in the ever increasing competition in the hospitality business in the country. There are also numerous guest houses with good facilities located at several places in the town.

Mobility and Transportation: Ondo is fast expanding and assuming the status of a city, hence movement within the town is made possible through various modes of transportation such as taxis, and commercial motorcycles.

The township roads are motor-able while it is also very safe to walk on the streets anytime of the day.

Industries: Despite the downturn in business establishments in the town occasioned by the closure of some of the big establishments, like the Nigerian Romanian Wood Industry (NIROWI) and Premier Metal Industry private business establishments such as sachet water factory, sawmill factory, petrol filling stations, private educational institutions among others are visible in the town.

Culture & Tradition: Ondo as an ancient enclave with cultural affinity with the Yoruba race is an embodiment of culture and tradition. The us of several traditional dresses such as Aso-Oke, Smiyan, Etu, Alaari among others is still in vogue. Similarly the celebration of traditional festivals numbering fifty three of which are Odun-Oba and Ogun Festivals play prominence has taken the town to lime light.

Political: Although in the past, it appears the people of Ondo devotes little time to politics, the advent of democracy and the need for active participation has made the people change their perceptions. In demonstration of this change of attitude, almost all the political parties registered by INEC have been embraced by the people. Similarly several indigenes of the town now hold political post at local state and federal level. Consequently, political participations in Ondo Town have served several functions which include balance of leverage, management peaceful co-existence of all.

Commerce: Ondo has markets of different sizes that are located at various places such as Agbogbooke, Akinjagula Odojomu, Sabo, and Mofere. However of the lot, the biggest and most modern is Moferere which has been reconstructed by the Federal Ministry of Environment Housing and Urban Development courtesy of the Millennium Development Goal Initiatives of the Federal Government. The market, though not built to the sizes of those at Wuse (Abuja) or Balogun (Lagos) stocks items of valuable importance at competitive prices.

Tourist Centres: Although, Ondo town does not have plenty of tourists centres which could be found in several places like the Bar Beach in Lagos, Riyom water falls in Jos to mention a few, it has some tourist centres like Multimillion Naira Ondo Civic Centre, Osemawe’s Palace, National Institute for Educational Planning and Administration (NIEPA) headquarters among others.

Educational Institutions: Ondo has numerous education institutions owned by public, private, religious organizations and the Government. It also has two higher institutions of learning; these are Adeyemi College of Education, Ondo and the National Institute for Education Planning Administration (NIEPA).

Heroes and Legends: Some indigenes of Ondo town have won recognition for their contributions to National Development . Among these are Prof Sylvester Adegoke, a professor of Geology at the Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife and one-time National Merit Award Winner, Professor Dosekun, first Provost, College of Medicine, University of Lagos, Otunba Sunday Adegeye (Akaka King Sunny Ade), Professor Ifedayo Oladapo, a renowned Engineer and National Merit Award Winners, Dr Olusegun Ranhman Mimiko, former Minister of Housing and Urban Development, Prof Philip Abiodun, Vice-Chancellor, Adekunle Ajasin University to mention a few.

Food and Local Delicacies: Ondo people are unique when it comes to food. Despite the prominence which some food items like rice, macaroni, meat pie among other is gaining in the contemporary society, Ondo people still give recognition to Local food delicacies like pounded yam, eba, puupuu ( a starchy food item obtained from cassava) and these could be obtained in some Food Joints in the town which also prepared local soup like okro, ‘gbanunu’, vegetable to mention a few.

Language and Communication: Ondo has a language that is clear and understandable and can be comprehended by any person who understands Yoruba language. Hence linguistic barrier would not pose a problem to any visitors who come to Ondo town for any areas of need.

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