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The Lust For Vengeance

It is human to want to take back a pound of flesh from someone who has knowingly wronged one. The desire for vengeance becomes overpowering particularly, when one believes one is on the side of righteousness on the issues concerned.

Even when we know that in Romans 12:19; it written: “Vengeance is mine; I will repay, saith The Lord”, man still finds it hard to leave everything to God; man is still driven by the vengeful spirit!

Many people don’t realise that no matter how righteous one’s case seems in the eyes of man; no matter the feeling of justification for revenge and level of persecution one feels subjected to, it is only God that is the Master of Retributive Justice.

This same God has also let it be known that while unearned punishment and suffering is redemptive no revenge can be as sweet as when it is exacted by His arrangement.

Both man and woman have the inherent capability – as human beings – for unimaginable wickedness and mind-boggling shenanigans. Nevertheless, as pure and unadulterated viciousness goes, “Heaven hath no rage like love to hatred turned, nor hell a fury than a woman scorned”!

When a woman in Dallas, Texas, U.S.A could indoctrinate her 17-year old daughter to falsely accuse an otherwise successful engineer husband and God-fearing father of incestuous relationship just to get back at her husband for a suspicion of infidelity then, one should realise how strong and deep the vengeful spirit is in human beings.

Although the Dallas case took a tragic turn after the father falsely accused of incest lost his senses and killed friends who refused to testify to his good character, the perjurious daughter finally broke down and came out to confess the set-up after her conscience could not carry the troubling load of seeing her father go totally berserk!

We should all endeavour to leave vengeance for Him who knows the best way to go about it. We must not be obsessed by or fixated on, the vengeful spirit because only God can avenge on our behalf; usually when God does it, it is usually infinitely more rewarding and beyond our wildest expectations.

Written By: Hon Taoheed Ajao


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