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The Indisputable Paramountcy Of Ondo Kingdom Traditional Institution And Cultural Value

I found it most appropriate to substantiate further about our decision not to celebrate bad or sad news in Ondo Connects New Era platform, but we believe in the doctrine of an ancient tradition, culture and custom of which we promote extensively both within and outside the social media. Those people concerned should please use their personal profile timeline for spreading their bad or sad news according to what they believe upon.

It must be noted however that Religion and Culture are two different Colossus and it is better to allow them to run their courses differently in order to avoid friction. There is no doubt about the fact that Christianity is a foreign religion, but our Tradition, Culture and Custom remain our inheritance and indigenous religion as practiced by our ancestral parents.

I have said it before and I quote from that source; “It is most appropriate to bring ourselves back to senses and jointly promote our Tradition, Culture and Custom because that is our identity before the arrival of foreign Religion in 18th century that have caused so many hatred and disunity among us with misinterpretation that have also turn many people against each other with unnecessary madness. We are of the opinion that everyone should be allow to celebrate their heritage ancient believe or culture, tradition and custom without any hindrance while such participation come under matter of choice but not mandatory or subject to condemnation”.

The ‘Ondo Kingdom Chieftaincy Traditional Doctrine’ (Especially the senior rank Chiefs) stipulate that certain sacrifice must be perform with appeasement to Airo in accordance with the tradition and with subsequent notification to the reigning Oba before such news are made known to the general public for the purpose of smooth passage of the decease with peaceful reign and long life for whosoever that will be installed thereafter. Furthermore, it serves to protect the family left behind with enhancement of their planning for successful burial ceremony without any difficulty and etc.

In conclusion, may I borrow a leaf from the recent event about the death rumour purportedly credit against the personality of the Emeritus Octogenarian – Chief Alex Akinyele Jp (Lobosin of Ondo Kingdom) sometimes in November 2018. I can confirm that few of those people that circulate such bad or sad news on the social medial are no more with us today, but have gone to the grave beyond while the latter still remain among the living on this Earth with the special grace of God Almighty.

We strongly advise those who are found of no interest in celebrating the goodness of living but rather prefer to be among the set of people to circulate bad or sad news on the social to please remember that ‘as you wish to others so shall it be done onto to you’. Let us continue to allow the dictates of our tradition, culture and custom to always run its full course on any matter that affects our proud heritage called Ondo Kingdom.

A o niba ojo olojo lo o …. Amin.

Otunba Damilola Oladimeji POH, ECHGA, GIOU

Ekimogun Cultural Heritage Global Ambassador

(Ojo Gbogbo Bi Odun ‘II’)

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