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The History Of Ogboni Fraternity

The Yoruba Occult Group

The History of Aborigine Ogboni, could be traced to that era of primordial civilization of ‘MAN’ sometimes around 4500BC in Ife-Oodaye. That period of antiquity and a geological era, very long ever before the arrival of the legendary Oduduwa himself to lle-ife around 4th – 5th centuries A.D (Oduduwa was their acclaimed father of Yorubas).

In the beginning, there was ife-Oodaye, as earlier mentioned. The language spoken was ‘Ife’ and not ‘Yoruba’ people. Maybe one might wondered and asked, who then are the yorubas? the answer to this, is a different issue and perhaps which some past issues of ‘Aborigine’ has answered among its previous inferences, that had explained among others, that the calling of all descendants of Oduduwa generally as YORUBA today, was the making of the Colonial British Authority in their desire to have unique identities for the colonised Nigerian people during the early part of the century.

While no one could precisely say what motivate ‘ogboni’ cult or confraternity, to come into being in Ife-Oodaye, but postulations in Yoruba mythology, shed light on the pre-Oduduwa era in the IIe-Ife, when ‘Obatala’ and Oreluere were the ruling chieftains of the Aborigine Ife-speaking community.

‘Awo’ ogboni, among so many other ‘Awos'(i.e cults) in Ife then, became so prominent and relevant, more as a pressure group to protest the unceremonious arrival of the great colonial master in history, (i.e.) Oduduwa, just as certian people of today’s Nigeria, first resisted the coming of the British imperialism, so also, the aboriginal Ife people and their particularly leader, Obatala; vehemently resisted the unexpected arrival of Oduduwa and his followers into Ile-ife.

But when they could not withstand the might and high political network of Oduduwa, these ancient Ife people, resorted to cover activities, by making use of their ogboni group to determine oduduwa’s authority. And in most cases, against oduduwa’s people themselves, who were not their members. Most of these terrorist acts take place during the life time of Queen MOREMI, an Ofa indigene, married to ORANMIYAN, one of the Ife kings at that time.

A paragon of beauty she was. Moremi used this as a leverage to entice their enemy’s leader, so as to decode the antics of these marauders, which was, possibly a faction of the ‘omo Iya’ (later referred to ogboni today), who used Igbomokun, one of the riverine settlement areas, ‘Ondo state’ of today as their base, from where they regularly launched their offensive attacks against their ‘colonial maters’ in Ife land. But with the eventual penetration of the setters(i.e oduduwa and his people), into these aboriginals ‘secret cult’, who perhaps were using this secret society as a weapon of resistance, this Egbe Omo Iya, or Ogboni, as popularly know, eventually became a cult synonymous with oduduwa, hence.
‘N’mesi awo Oodua, later became a popular clinched for the ogboni people. But what Awo Ogboni was, in Ile-Ife in the beginning, was not what it later looked like, in other parts of yoruba land, as at the time it started to spread. For examples, in place like Egba, Ijebu, Remo etc., Ogboni was more or less the SENATE and dispensers of justice in the communities. The power of the ogboni otherwise called OSUGBO, among the Ijebu people, was so enormous and very deadly.

Among so many, The Aborigine Ogboni Fraternity is the Traditional Religion of the Yoruba’s and indeed African Traditional Religion Worldwide. The importance of every good thing in life is faith and believes. The truth is, if you find a faith with no obstacles, it is most likely to be a faith that doesn’t lead to anywise important.

Tradition is very expensive. Firstly we are Africans and secondly, we are Nigerians. The world is created on the foundation of tradition. Before Christ, before Mohammed, tradition has being in place. When God wanted to create the world, he said “come, let create….” Who are “us” God was referring to? They are the other creators that are not angles but are super beings with lots of power. The sea constituted about 75% (percent) of the entire World. Right in the deep sea, we have the Iyemoya and many other spirits.

The rolling ball is what we call the Eridinloguns in the African Traditional Religion. These Eridinloguns are the things we find out details from. They are the oracles that reveals mysteries.

The way it is pressed in Nigeria here, it is been pressed the same way in Egypt, London, Greece, Austria, South America and other part of the world. Tradition supercedes every other religion in the world because it is practiced in holiness.

Aborigine Ogboni Worshipers leads, while others follows. Ogboni members are people who have seen light by worshiping Onile Ogboduora (God Almighty) in truth and in spirit. Which is the reason why their prayers are being answered quickly. The Ogboni recognizes the presence of the elemental forces of creation. The elements are: Earth, Water and Air.

Ogboni uses the EDAN (image) to represent man, the intelligent centre of life, using it to visualize positively and to invoke the virtues and powers of the primordial ancestors -communication with the spiritual and elemental world is constant, for man has to be guided in his battle to discover who he is.

The method of communication varies but, the most recognized one is the IFA (oracle), through oracle of God force, man is spiritually educated as the way he should live. Aborigine Ogboni is a Religion, just as we have Christianity and Islamic Religion. Ogboni is a religion that is built on truth equality and fairness.
Source & Written By: Oba-Ogboni-Agbaye

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