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The Good Legacy Of Late Chief David Olaseinde Akinbohun (Asoloeso) In Ondo Town

After twenty seven years of passing away, we join every other admirers who shared the same believe of late Chief David Olasehinde Akinbohun ‘ASOLOESO’ (Former Chairman of the defunct Ondo Local Government Council 1990 -1992) of blessed memory, a community activist, who dedicated all his life for his people with love for the progress and development of Ondo Town during his lifetime.

He was the pioneer Chairman of the defunct Ondo Action Committee along with many respected personalities in the society which was brought to limelight in the late 1970s whose primary objectives then was to serve the entire Ondo Town populace as ‘Voice Of The People’ that safeguard the valuable Community land and building properties. They expose where necessary with full criticism about any known Community fund recklessness spending or diverted for personal use. They checkmate the excessiveness and abusiveness of Community positions which does not in favour of our citizenry.

The defunct Ondo Action Committee are also known as Ondo Community powerful lobbyist organ for State or Federal Government projects to the Town during the Military Administration Era. They also work together with everyone for a common cause with positive objectives from both young and old, illiterate and academician, poor and rich, landlord and tenant, trader and farmer, faith worshipper and non faith worshipper, civil servant and self employed, home and abroad citizens and etc.

We must put it on record about your heartfelt gratitude when you won the Chairmanship election of the defunct Ondo Local Government Council in 1989 under the platform of the defunct Social Democratic Party. Upon your assumption in office in January 1990, there is no doubt about the fact that you actually performed credibly including your October 1991 historic mandate letter to the Leyo Ruling House in which you triggered the selection and subsequent appointment of the then Prince Festus Ibidapo Adesanoye as the 43rd Osemawe and Paramount Ruler of Ondo Kingdom in accordance with the existing law.

We shall embark on a wide consultation to bring together a professional vocal voice, well connected and independent minded people to take the central place of the defunct Ondo Action Committee which shall be registered as a new Community Charity Organisation that will better serve our shared heritage with positive goal and whose mission will be based upon facts with correctness in all ramification to immortalized the late sage.

In conclusion, we are convinced that in the interest of our shared heritage, there would be a genuine reason for everyone of us to lower the high decibel tune of the music to zero level. Let us jointly withdraw an unnecessary and unwarranted rescript from the history of Ondo Kingdom because it is a complete staccato of cacophonous noises, though full of fire fury that signify nothing.

May the humble and gentle soul of late Chief David Olasehinde Akinbohun continue to rest in perfect peace … Loud Amen.

Otunba Damilola Oladimeji POH, ECHGA, GIOU

Ojo Gbogbo Bi Odun ‘II’

Ekimogun Cultural Heritage Global Ambassador













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