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The Concept of “Eseun àná!” (Giving thanks for yesterday)

Yoruba people are very unique because Olodumare blessed the race with very interesting attributes that if copied by other peoples of the world, would have made this world a better place, but unfortunately and sadly, Yoruba youths are fast losing such uniqueness.
Of such attributes are Respect for Elders and Genuine Appreciation of past favour or help received from others…”Eseun àná!”

I was pleasantly surprised that people are well aware that Yoruba people are the most appreciative, when I got a surprise appreciation from a white man for a help I rendered him two days ago.

I never knew that the man is a Professor of anthropology, that has visited, researched and lived in many places in Nigeria and other parts of the world. After thanking for the past help,which is unusual among the whites,I was curious,so I asked him why he was thanking me in that way.

The man revealed that he got to know that i am a Yoruba man and he knows that in my culture,that we are very appreciative of even little favours that a typical Yoruba man will always come back weeks later to thank his benefactor for help rendered to him in the past.

The white Professor got me humbled and proud at the same time! And it got me thinking…. Are we still appreciative to others as Yorubas?
Genuine expressive appreciative gestures from you to other people times over, speak volume of the kind of person you are and whether it is worth it to help you!

“T’omode ba dupe Oore ana,yoo ri imii gba!”
Source & Writtem By: Akín’ Ìyàndá


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