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Superstitions and Misconceptions In Yoruba Culture

Superstitions and misconceptions are found in every nook and cranny of every society around the world, in the culture, customs, religion- be it traditional or modern day religions and Yoruba society is not an exception.   The word superstition originates from Latin word ‘Superstition’ meaning ‘standing beyond, outliving’. From the …

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The Original Yoruba Word For Wife Is Aya Not Iyawo.

Did you know that the original Yoruba word for wife in Yoruba language is AYA and not IYAWO? The latter is quite commonly used nowadays than the former. We would take you through how Iyawo came about IYA was the first child and the daughter of the King of Iwo …

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The Yoruba Concept of Abiku and Emere In Yorubaland

It could sound primitive, but it is real especially the Yoruba race. Some children over time reborn to the same mother with the previous look, sex, complexion and structure. Owing to ephemeral nature of Abiku life, Abiku completes several consecutive life-cycles with one mother. In some reality cases, the Yorubas, …

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