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Special Attention: Read, Learn And Digest With Passion

I am pleased to advise few of our citizens who are found of attacking the truth with an unnecessary negative or abusive comment on this platform about my memoirs or brief piece of any particular event that transmitted to history. Those referred should please wait and exercise patient until I release my personal biography book, titled, ‘Quintessential Henry Damilola Oladimeji; Ondo Culture, tradition and custom and A lesson to learn in life from history’.

Everyone of us will have the right to challenge any part thereof with the possibility of seeking compensation in the court of competent jurisdiction rather than parading themselves as a complete and qualify nuisance on the Facebook social media.

I have said it before and I quote from that source; “PRECISE AND ACCURATE: May I once again registered it to everyone as known fact that I am sufficiently mentored about every issues that affect my family genealogy as relates to the Traditional Institution of Ondo Kingdom”.

I am not rewriting history neither changing the facts of the matter or the true events that actually took place in our heritage at a particular point in time. It could have been better for each and everyone of us to read, learn, digest with passion and take precaution upon whatever that we do when we are still living as history and posterity will judge our brief stint in life.

In conclusion, let us see it as a must do to invest in love with one another and continue to trade respect as a reciprocal for the betterment of our heritage because sweetness is far better than bitterness.

Thank You & God Bless.

Otunba Damilola Oladimeji POH, ECHGA, GIOU.
(Ojo Gbogbo Bi Odun ‘II’ )
Ekimogun Cultural Heritage Global Ambassador
‘Omo Oba Odunola Ojagodolokun – O’ne n’ejo do ba Orun e wi’

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