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Special Announcement- Beware Of Fake News!!!

As at this moment, we can confirm that the legend, Chief Alexander Opeyemi Akinyele ‘Lobosin of Ondo Kingdom’ is very much alive. We appeal to all Fake News Social Media Practitioners to desist from spreading fake derogatory and ambiguous news.

Please let us be quick to spread good news about Ondo Kingdom and its entire citizenry. May the God Almighty bind us all together with unconditional love … Loud Amen.

Long live to PRO Superstar!
Long live to Chief Sir Alex Akinyele JP ‘a.k.a. Uncle Aleco’!!
Long live Ondo Kingdom!!!

Dr Raphael James Wrote – Chief Sir Alex Akinyele Jp is very much alive, people should confirm the news they broadcast on social media. I am so very disappointed in some of our so called media practitioners who will never confirm stories before publishing them. The news on the Social media that Chief is no more is false, may God grant him long life and good health. My name remains Dr. Raphael James. Pls share if u can

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