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Role of Osemawe-In-Council

It is most appropriate and necessary to throw more light on the exalted role of Osemawe and Paramount Ruler of Ondo Kingdom. The Institution of Rulership in Ondo from the inception is hierarchical with clear cut protocols, procedures and guidelines to prevent abuse or dummying down of the Royal exalted position.

The Royal Ascendancy of Ondo Kingdom began in the year 1510 with Princess Olu Pupupu Oluaso, daughter of Oba Olusaso Alaafin of Oyo Empire as it was then, settled in the newly identified city named Ondo. Princess Pupupu finally became the first female to be installed Osemawe of Ondo Kingdom in the year 1516 A.D. while her first Son Prince Airo became the first male to be installed Osemawe of Ondo Kingdom in the year 1530 after the death of her mother (Oba Pupupu). Since the Royal Ascendancy, the Osemawe of Ondo has remain the custodian of the Supreme Authority, Father of all Fathers in Ondo Ekimogun Kingdom and also regarded next to God the Almighty Father and this was well pronounced in the Osemawe of Ondo salutations “Abaiye-Ikualase-Ekejiorisa-ugbagbomola-onohnejo do bo orun e wi” and etc.

The Osemawe of Ondo has hundreds of Baale’s and almost forty Oloja’s that governed other Villages and Cities under his command, the Iwarefa-Oba’s Councillors comprising of six High Chiefs, Ekule comprising of seven Chiefs, Elegbe comprising of fifteen War Chiefs with their sub quarters Chiefs, Otu Chiefs headed by Logbosere, The Oba’s Priest headed by Opotu, Lotu-Ijama Chiefs comprising of fifteen quarters Chiefs, Other Honourary Title Chiefs and Oba’s Judges headed by High Chief Lisa Obade-second in command to Osemawe of Ondo Kingdom. The Royal Title, OSEMAWE is forbidden from been drop into any nonconstructive engagement, likewise the aforementioned Chieftaincy Title holders cannot be drag into any minor dispute as they represent Osemawe-in-Council in their various domains or quarters. As a mark of unquantifiable honour, we must at all times preserve the respect for the Traditional Institution of Ondo Ekimogun Kingdom.

We must always bear it in our mind that His Royal Majesty, Osemawe and Paramount Ruler of Ondo Kingdom will never dabble into any unnecessary matter because of the status of his throne and to preserve the dignity of all the Royal Ruling Houses and Osemawe dynasty. Without any iota of doubt, we firmly put it on record once again that the then High Chief Jomu that showed an act of disrespect to the Osemawe-In-Council during Oba Airo reign was demoted as well as High Chief Odofin as it was then. The Chief Logbosere that did it again during the reign of Oba Festus Ibidapo Adesanoye was penalized as his Chieftaincy Title was withdrawn and that of High Chief Odofin was reinstated by same Authority.

We seized this medium to send an appeal to all few stubborn Ondo Indigenes to avoid any mistake that would be viewed as showing an act of disrespect to the Osemawe-in-Council Institution because anybody found with such act will never goes or walk away freely without been punished by the Traditional Customs of the Ondo Kingdom. Let us all preserve the respect and dignity of the Traditional Institution of Ondo Kingdom by avoiding unnecessary approach to office of the Osemawe-in Council.

Editorial Board Team, Ekimogun Descendant UK & NI.

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