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Saint Louis Secondary School, Ondo – 50Th Annivesary Of The Existence


As the school celebrates her fifty years of Academic Excellence, I am particularly delighted and highly elated to be associated with this epoch-making event of the Golden Jubilee Celebration of this great institution, St. Louis Girls Secondary School, Ondo. Little did I know, in fact I never gave it a thought when I was a student in the school 1966 to 1971 that I will be the principal of the school during her Golden Jubilee Celebration. Mother M. Colunbanus, the Superior General of the Sisters of St. Louis was the first to hear the call “Go ye afar, go teach all Nations” and she encouraged her Sisters to answer it. She was present at the official opening of the school on January 25th 1954 with the three pioneering Sisters Sr. Mary Chrysostom, Sr. Mary Felicity and Sr. Mary Una. The solid foundation laid by past principals Late Sr. Mary Chrysostom 1954 to 1959; Late Mary Una 1959 to 1984 and their team coupled with the tremendous contribution of both the past and present principals Rev. Sr. Frances and Late Rev. Sr. Cecilia Adeniran and their crop of dedicated, relentless, and selfless officers have helped to keep the school on high pedestal.

This great institution, which is a tranquil centre of academic excellence, high moral standard, and discipline, has produced over the years distinguished ladies in all fields of human endeavour. Join me in giving Glory Honour and Adoration to God, the Almighty Father who had been the pillar behind the school. Right from the inception of the school, St. Louis has been very particular about the training both the Academics and Moral Standards of students. A wonderful spirit of cooperation has been shown over the years especially by the staff, Nigeria, and Expatriate, Academic and Non-academic. The interests in the school and in the students coupled with the devotion to duty by the staff of each succeeding year as well as the stability of staff have been largely responsible for the annual success of the students. Parents of past and present students of the school have been very wonderful. They have always supported and encouraged the good works of the school. Special mention must be made of all the members of the Board of Governors of the school for their great help to the school always. I also wish to pay a very special tribute to the founder of the school the Late Bishop Hughes, his successor Rev. Bishop Field and our present Bishop Rt. Rev. (Dr) F.F. Alonge who has the interest of the school at heart and is ever ready to help us. Some of us the old students have had the privilege of having him celebrate mass at our weddings.

We pray that God will continue to bless his works (Amen). I would like to thank also the many friends and well-wishers of the school who have helped and supported the school in various ways. I want to thank all who contributed to this souvenir Brochure, may our good God continue to bless each and every one in Jesus Name (Amen). I rejoice with all past and present staff and students on this occasion of the Golden Jubilee Celebration of the school. I hope it will be a time of joyful reunion, an occasion for prayers for principals, staff, and students both past and present. I equally wish that this time is spent for re-deepening of our faith, our hope and our courage, so that we continue to strive more and more to propel the image of our great institution to greater heights in our country Nigeria. I am highly delighted to welcome you to the grand finale of activities marking the 50 years of the existence of this great and noble institution. This occasion also serves as the launching of the Ultramodern Golden Jubilee Hall and the Souvenir Brochure of the school. Let us all express our appreciation and gratitude to God Almighty Farther for allowing us to witness this great occasion. PRAISE THE LORD, HALLELUJAH, AMEN This occasion also provides me the opportunity to brief you on some major developments that have taken place in the school. Brief History of the School.

St. Louis Girls’ Secondary School, Ondo, was opened officially on 25th of January 1954 with 30 students and Late Rev. Sr. Mary Chrysonstom as the first principal of the school. The school then consisted of two mud buildings previously used for a girls’ primary school and the residence for the Sisters on the staff – Late Sr. Mary Una and Sr. Mary Felicity. From these humble beginnings, has grown the immense structures now existing on the 30-acre piece of land. When Late Rev. Sr. Mary Chrysostom died in 1959, Late Rev. Sr. Mary Una became the principal of the school. In fact, many people thought that Sr. Mary Una was the first principal of the school. Late Rev. Sr. Mary Una’s meritorious service earned her the chieftaincy title of Torch-bearer in Education – “Are ona eko” of Ondo Kingdom. She was the principal from 1959 to 1984. Pastor Mrs. Aralola Faturoti, the present Chairperson of the Board of Governors of the school was to become the next principal in 1984 but she went on voluntary retirement to start her school – St. Raphael’s Kiddies Nursery and primary school and Hallmark Secondary School, Ondo. She went on retirement to allow the Late Rev. Sr. Cecilia Adeniran become the principal in 1984. The Teaching Service Commission Akure regarded the school state school and in January 1988 made Rev. Sr. Frances McManus, the principal of the school while Late Rev. Sr. Cecilia Adeniran became the Vice-Principal. Late Rev. Sr. Cecilia Adeniran again became the principal of the school in 1991 when Rev. Sr. Frances McManus retired from Government Service. When Late Rev. sr. Cecilia Adeniran went abroad for a year programme in 1994, Mrs. Oyinkansola Akinmurele held fort for her and was the principal of the school in 1994. Late Rev. Sr. Cecilia Adeniran died in a motor accident on 24th December 1997 and the present principal my humble self-took over on 1st February 1998. School Enrolment The student’s population rose from 30 in 1954 to about 970 in 2004 with only about 200 students in boarding house due to lack of space.

In compliance with the directives of the Ondo State Ministry of Education, and giving the available classrooms, we now have manageable number of students in our classes. Our admissions of students into the school depend largely on excellent performances of the candidates. Staff Situation The academic staff strength now stands at 58 while that of the non-academic is 18. Over the years, new members of staff were posted to the school either by new appointment or transfer while some left due to either voluntary retirement or transfer to other secondary school. We are grateful to the Ondo State Government for providing us with professionally qualified teachers. Parents Teachers Association (P.T.A) We are grateful to God for blessing the school with formidable and virile P.T.A. We are appreciative of the P.T.A for supportive roles in the school because the association makes its impact felt in virtually all segments of the school’s life. Old Students Association (SLOOGA). St. Louis Secondary School, Ondo is blessed with one of the Old Students Union in Nigeria. The Old Students of the school have their annual meeting on the school’s compound on every 25th January of every year. We have branches in Lagos, Ibadan, Ife, Akure, Owerri, Benin, and USA and of course the mother hometown-Ondo. The virile and formidable Association – SLOOGA is up and doing and infact the school is greatly indebted to her and very grateful for all she has done for the school. One of our Old Students, a very strong member of the association is the Chief Launcher of today in person of Princess OLadunni Odu. I still appeal to the P.T.A and SLOOGA not to relent in their efforts, as the development of a school is a continuous process. Discipline. For several years running, St. Louis Girls’ Secondary School, Ondo has been second-to-none in discipline and excellent WASCE, JSCE and newly introduced NECO results. St. Louis Ondo is one of the few secondary schools in Nigeria, which have retained their quality completely untarnished by the common plague of many educational institutions such as inefficiency, indiscipline, poor results, immorality, examination malpractices and godlessness. Students who have graduated from this school are among the best behaved and the most successful women not only in Nigeria but also across the globe.

The school is aware that to excel in field of human endeavour, it is essential to be highly discipline. Consequently, this great school accords staff and students discipline a special pride of place so that smooth academic activities can take place without any hindrance. WE however appeal to our parents or guardians to play well their parts when children/wards are with them. Both parties (the school and the home) should give no room for complacency in these regards. ACADEMICS AND OTHER ACHIVEMENTS. As I said, the WASCE, JSCE and NECO results have been very good over the years. Apart from these examinations, our students have proved their worth in external essays, debates, Science (JETS), and mathematics competitions to mention a few. In 1996, our student – Tinuke Adeyemi came first nationally in the JETS competitions. She is at present enjoying Shell Scholarship for Medicine at Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife. In the year 2002, our student – Anthony Edo Olotu came first nationally in the essay competition organized by the Ministry of Environment, Akure. The school has been emerging the best in many extra-curricular activities organized in its immediate environment, the State and the country at large. PROBLEMS AND NEEDS despite the concerted effort of the State Government to cater for all our needs, the under mentioned deserves attention: Assembly Hall: The present schools Hall – Sr. Mary Una Hall can only accommodate JSS 1 to JSS 3 at a time. It is rather too small to accommodate the whole school at a time, hence the launching of an Ultra- Modern Golden Jubilee Hall today. Procurement of Utility Vehicle e.g. school Bus of at least 26- seaters. The School has not been fortunate to enjoy any bus provided by the State Government despite her immense contribution to the advancement of education in the State. The buses enjoyed by the school had been bought by the P.T.A and the Old Student’s Association. They are now old and disposed off. Provision of five hundred (500) KVA Generator – the present generator was bought by Late Rev. Sr. Mary Una in 1977 and it is getting too old to cater for the school’s electrical needs. Provision of more computers for the students and if possible a cyber café. Provision of mowers – the only mower in the school is too old and very difficult to maintain. Donation of sporting equipment and recreation facilities – The Volleyball, Handball and Basketball pitches are outdated. Construction of more hostels, classrooms and staff quarters- The staff quarters started by Late Rev. Sr. Cecilia Adeniran in 1996 are yet to be roofed. The interior of the buildings need painting.

To conclude this speech, I want to really appreciate the Almighty God who has been the pillar behind this school for His faithfulness and our hope in the years to come. I wish to express my gratitude again to the Ondo State Government, the P.T.A and its leadership, the Old Students’ Association and its leadership for supporting and sustaining us. I cannot end this speech without extending my profound gratitude and appreciation to my team of dedicated teaching and non-teaching staff, for their unflinching cooperation, loyalty and love. I urge you not to rest on your oars and I pray that God Almighty will reward your labour of love. At this juncture, I humbly want to beg and solicit that the Teaching Service Commission will allow the stability of hard working and dedicated teachers in the school for the sake of excellence and continuity. Finally, I thank you all for finding time to grace this historic and wonderful occasion and for listening to this presentation. We ask for God’s continued love and protection always. It is my fervent prayer that at the end of today’s ceremony, the Almighty God will grant you journeying mercies to your various destinations. Thank you and God bless you all. Mrs. E.O. Akindojutimi Principal St. Louis Girls’ Secondary School, Ondo. We are preparing for the 60th anniversary celebration of this great school in January of 2014. I searched the net for information about this great school and I did not find any up-to-date information. As the Editor-in-Chief of Wisdom Magazine, I went to obtain permission from the Principal of the School Mrs E O. Akindojutimi to be able to publish her write up in 2004. I went through the school myself from 1969 to 1973-first set to take WASCE in June as Ruphina Ojo now Adesan.

Written By: Pastor Yemi Adesan JP
Wisdom Ministries f.adesan@hotmail.com

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