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RE: 2009 Ekimogun Day Festival Celebration In United Kingdom & Northern Ireland

After eleven years, we found it most appropriate to break the silence as we are concerned to hear it severally behind the scene that some few ungrateful, destructive and faceless undesirable elements are still using my formidable influence and brilliant performance that enhance the success of the referred event to attempt cheap blackmail against my personality because of their failures at every other attempt to do same which end up in leadership crisis and huge debts.

We are graciously happy to educate those with Nigeria professional university qualification among them which continuously behaved like semi demi illiterate, that the transmission of power for self governance through the Nigeria Independence Act 1960 promulgated by the House of Commons for Government of the United Kingdom with Royal Assent of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, does not permit any official organ of the Federation of Nigeria self governance to interfere in the affairs of the British Citizens including those who originated from African Countries. We are only concerned at this stage where an ordinary community head with a permanent place of abode within Nigeria soil, who wants to direct the affairs of other British citizens living in foreign countries who have hereto withdrawn their recognition more than ten years ago due to an irresponsible and reckless statement made against their association which is irreversible.

We have decided to transmit the fact to the general public that the Ekimogun Descendant UK & NI was duly registered under the governing law of the United Kingdom during that period to legalise the activities of the Ondo Township Community in London. We can confirm that the dissolved Executive Officers and Board of Trustees of the association has duly rendered an account of stewardship to the appropriate Government department with legal jurisdiction in the United Kingdom. The question of fact under the law is where did these so called ungrateful, destructive and faceless undesirable elements have the requisite legality to question the operational guidelines of the Government of the United Kingdom? The Nigeria Colonial Master.

We are confident to sound it loud and clear that we do not usually mingle with dishonest people irrespective of their position in the society, as we are very much believed in clean record and transparency with open accountability. Even though they accused us wrongly out of envy, but they should not forget that we have a legitimate document that indicted our main accuser for embezzling almost eight million naira (#8,000,000.00k) from Ondo Indigenous Community Association fund. May the Almighty God continue to preserve the life of the most disciplinarian and Nonagenarian of our time, High Chief Sir Olabanji Akingbule, the sitting Odunwo of Ondo Kingdom for his high wired open condemnation of dishonesty under his watch.

We are also fully aware of the relevant documents that outline the movement of our Indigenous Community Association fund duly contributed together by all Ondo indigenes both home and abroad from one bank to another for the purpose of siphoning the bank credited interest to their personal pocket. We must also put it on record that we acknowledge the transparency of the erudite professor who openly dissolved their unnecessary familiarity relationship attached to his own personal family for dishonesty in this direction.

In conclusion, we can confirm to the general public that we are not interested in the downfall of anyone, but if we are push to the wall, we have the capability to assist those who are involved to fall from grace to grass if care is not taking, because ‘power pass power’ and we are fully prepared to give it whatever it takes. We thank the Almighty God that none of us is at war with each other in London, United Kingdom.

We affirmed our strong belief in the doctrine of the fact that ‘respect is earned but not given automatic’.  We need to first work for it and trade the same respect as reciprocal. Please let us continue to respect each other for the betterment of our community.

Si dede wa a jo ko tutu bo wa si uli o … Ase!!!

I remain your true servant,

Authored By:
Otunba Damilola Oladimeji POH, ECHGA, GIOU
(Ojo Gbogbo Bi Odun ‘II’)
Ekimogun Cultural Heritage Global Ambassador
Leyo Ruling House – Ondo Kingdom
‘Omo Oba Odunola Ojagodolokun: O’ne n’ejo do ba Orun e wi’

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