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Philosophical Milestones Of Life for Men

If at 20 years, you are still confused about the path to take in the journey of life, do not worry as the directions are not clear-cut at this age.

If at 30 years, you still have not found your way to the path, hurry up because some of your contemporaries in your age bracket have already started the journey. This again, is the time to be close to your God and deepen your spiritual awareness.

 If at 35, you have not found a woman to cushion the roller-coaster effect that the ride of life often is, better make the plunge because lifelong habits become ossified around this age: whether you become a responsible father/husband or an alcoholic lay-about is determined right at this juncture.

If at 40, you are still not sure whether your wife is right for you – that is, whether you are in a hopeless entanglement – this is the age to take a decisive action and go on with your life. If you don’t, nothing from this age ever will fall into place; even your children will probably not see your viewpoints in the event of major matrimonial misunderstandings.

If at 45 you are divorced, take heart because you still have another chance at marriage. You may have reached the age of maturity that may help in solidifying your next union. Often, this stage is like a transition in your life; concretizing your position in your profession and handling the travails of rearing children and managing the demands of married life.

If at 50 you still are undecided about what you want in life, you are heading towards the land of the unfulfilled. Remember life is about the pursuit of happiness and fulfilment is the awareness that you are almost catching up with this most elusive concept. You must skew everything towards ensuring a fulfilled life from now on.

If at 60 you have not begun making restitutions about your past mistakes and reconciling with the realities of your life, you had better start because this is a critical stage of life that requires painstaking preparation for legacy purposes.

If at 65 you are not giving out the hands of your daughters or joining your sons with good ladies in holy matrimony, you better tell them to hurry up. This is one of the indescribable joys of parenthood which you should pray to God to grant you.

If at 70 you are not watching CNN with Missus in the comfort of your house, then hurry up and quit the break-neck pace of life characteristic of urban cities in Nigeria. Grand parenting could be an option you will like.

If at 80, you are still on this part of the divide, thank God and celebrate your good fortune. Become more philosophical in your approach to life and more spiritual in the preparation for the great beyond.

90 and above calls for everyday glorification of God and adoration of His good and kind mercies!

Written By: Hon. Taoheed Ajao

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