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The Formation Of Ondo Development Committee

Consequent upon the political emancipation of the country from colonial tutelage to independence, a process of transforming the multi-social and cultural communities in the federation was set in motion by the various government aimed at providing social and economic devolvement security and good government for the people. The Ondo community …

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Oba Adesanoye Civic Centre

Standing tall in the heart of Ondo town is a compelling and very imposing edifice called the “Oba Adesanoye Civic Centre”. The Centre, with its beauty and magnificence, is a unique structure that is well suited for social activities of the Ondo. It is also an inviting place for visitors …

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Ikú (Death)

Ikú solves the mystery of Death. Ikú is death in the sense of loss of emí or life sustaining breath, the end of terrestrial life but unlike Egúngún, it was one of the beings in Òrun that came to Aiyé. Ikú was assigned the task of ending peoples life. The …

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The Three Visitors That Came To Ondo Town

Three awos (occult members) made divination for the Òsemàwé of Ondo when he was going to receive three visitors. He was told to make sacrifice and he did. Ògún, Ùjà and Olókun were coming to visit him. They vowed to stay with any Oba who·would know and pronounce their names. …

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The Story Of Eyele And Adaba

While in heaven, the Dove (Adaba Lukori) and the Pigeon (Eyele) were sisters born of the same parents. They had grown to become very pretty but had no children. One day, Eyele who was the senior of the two, proposed that they should both go to Orummla for divination on …

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