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Traditional Games In Ondo Ekimogun Kingdom

There are many ways of passing time in Ondo Ekimogun Kingdom. Males, Females, Adults, Children and the Aged have their different pastimes. The games adults play are different from those children. While adults usually play Ayo-Lopon game, the children have as one of their favorites, the game Lako. LAKO: Generally, …

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Synopsis of Late Chief Gani Fawehinmi

Late Chief Abdul-Ganiyu Oyesola Fawehinmi was an Author, Publisher, Legal Icon, Human Right & Social Critics, Politician and Philanthropist. Birth: Chief Gani Fawehinmi was born on Friday 22nd day of April 1938 at his family home in Okedasa Street, Ondo Town. His father, late Chief Saheed Tugbobo Fawehinmi, a successful …

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The Ondo Development Committee

The Ondo Development Committee was established by the Osemawe-in-Council and had its inaugural meeting on Monday 6th day of October 1986. The Committee with an initial Membership of thirty, cutting across different age groups and professions. All the High Chiefs: Lisa S.A. Oldapo, Jomu William Ogunye, Odunwo G. Akinyosoye, Sasere …

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Synopsis of Dr. Olusegun Rahman Mimiko (a.k.a. Iroko)

His Excellency, Dr. Olusegun Rahman Mimiko is the Executive Governor of Ondo State of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, Medical Practitioner, Politician and Philanthropist. Birth: Dr. Olusegun Rahman Mimiko was born on Saturday 3rd day of October 1954 in Ondo. Ondo State of Nigeria. His father, late Pa Atiku Bamidele …

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