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Concept Of Naming In Yoruba Culture

Naming ceremonies are a big deal in Yoruba land. Yoruba naming ceremonies are generally the same but at the same time, different groups and families have their own traditions. In addition, over time, some of these traditions have changed and others completely abandoned. I got most of the description of …

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Who Is Actually Esu ???

Samuel Ajayi Crowther was captured by Muslim Fulani during the Fulani/Oyo wars and he was sold with his mother and toddler brother to Portuguese slave buyers. However, the ship was intercepted by British Royal Navy and the slaves were released by taking them to Sierra Leone. This was where the …

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Itan Alajo Somolu

Bi a ba r’enikan t’o ja fafa, Yoruba maa nso pe ori e pe bi ori Alajo Somolu to ta moto ra keke, to gba ajo l’owo eédegbeta eniyan lai wo iwe, o da owo onikaluku pada lai si ariyan jiyan kankan. Ta a ni Alajo Somolu gan? Sasa enìyàn …

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