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RE: 2009 Ekimogun Day Festival Celebration In United Kingdom & Northern Ireland

After eleven years, we found it most appropriate to break the silence as we are concerned to hear it severally behind the scene that some few ungrateful, destructive and faceless undesirable elements are still using my formidable influence and brilliant performance that enhance the success of the referred event to …

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The Inevitability Of Life’s Vicissitudes

When we talk about life’s vicissitudes we are referring to the various difficulties we all face at different stages of our lives from the crib to the casket. Vicissitudes are changes in the circumstances and fortunes of life typically such that are not welcome and we wish we could avoid. …

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Synopsis Of Late High Chief Ebun Olawoye

High Chief Ebun Olawoye was born in Ondo on January 6 1930 to the illustrious family of Pa Abraham Olawoye. His father was the son of Logbosere Fagbohunlu and grandson of High Chief Sasere Fasida, (popularly known as Sasere Otokola, meaning he made his wealth from farming). His mother, Madam …

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Ten Years Plan Projection: Ondo Connects New Era Apprenticeship And Empowerment Sponsorship Programme For Self Employment And Financial Stability

The Ondo Connects New Era Apprenticeship and Empowerment Sponsorship Programme is designed to support every Ondo indigenes both male or female who are not financially buoyant or stabilised with means of livelihood due to the current economic hardship being experienced in our society. The lucky screened and successful candidates will …

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Ondo Connects New Era Apprenticeship Empowerment Programme For Self Employment And Financial Stability

Once again, we express our profound gratitude to every Ondo Sons and Daughters who made it possible with huge cash donations to performed the ‘magic of the millions of naira’ that was disbursed to the people of Ondo Township during the Corona Virus Pandemic lockdown to provide partial financial relief …

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