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Ọdun Ọba Festival in Ondo Kingdom

The Odun Oba which comes up in July each year seems to suggest a total subjugation of the people of Ode – Ondo to the Osemawe and his hordes. The Odun – Oba in Ondo normally lasts for seven days. Nine days before the festival, an official announcement is made. …

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A Goodly Heritage

Today, after over five hundred years of existence, Ondo Kingdom has evolved, carved itself a compelling stage and not only on the Yoruba landscape but in the national, final analysis and on the global horizon. An average Ondo man is very proud of his heritage. In a sense, what drives …

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HRH Oba Arilekolasi The Wealthiest Ondo Monarch Of The Nineteenth Century

Eastward Spread of the Yoruba Crisis and the Transformation of Ondo, 1830-1870 (Oba Arilekolasi, renowned as the wealthiest of the nineteenth century Ondo monarchs) Political and economic changes in northern Yorubaland, and along the Ife corridor gradually drew Ondo into the center of these developments. Thus events in Ondo and …

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Ondo Kingdom Terrain

The Ondo Kingdom, in its pre-colonial setting, comprised the area which lies on latitude 7°6′ north, and 4°50′ (7 degree, 6 minutes and four degree, fifty minutes) east, in the tropical rain forest belt ofNigeria. It was bounded in the north by the modern Akure and Obokun Local Government Areas; in the …

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