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The Concept of “Eseun àná!” (Giving thanks for yesterday)

Yoruba people are very unique because Olodumare blessed the race with very interesting attributes that if copied by other peoples of the world, would have made this world a better place, but unfortunately and sadly, Yoruba youths are fast losing such uniqueness. Of such attributes are Respect for Elders and …

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Ondo Kingdom: Social Life Descent, Inheritance and Succession

Ondo kinship ideology today is highly bilateral with an emphasis on patrilineality. Unlike other Yoruba kingdoms, however, the Ondo possess a strong tendency toward matrifocality. This is expressed in the kinship term, Omiye mi, which simply means “my maternal kin,” but which is a household word and constitutes a fundamental tenet …

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The Ondo Road Eastwards Of Lagos

During the first six decades of the nineteenth century, practically all the trade of the Yoruba country with the Europeans on the coast was done by the western Yoruba peoples – Egba, Egbado, Ijebu and Ibadan. The chief trade routes passed through Egbados, Abeokuta and Ijebu near the coast, and …

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Synopsis Of His Royal Majesty Late Oba (Dr.) Festus Ibidapo Adesanoye Adedinsewo “CFR” Osungbelola 11 (Osemawe and Paramount Ruler Of Ondo Kingdom 1991-2006)

BIRTH Late HRM Oba F. I. Adesanoye was born in 1930 into Leyo Royal Ruling House in Ondo Kingdom as the only Son of his Father among four wives. PARENT His Father was Late Prince Joseph Adesanoye and His Grandfather was late Prince Adedinsewo younger brother of Late HRM Oba …

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Christian Faith And Cultures Historical Background

The practice of taking the Good News to different cultures has taken place throughout the entire history of the Church. We need only think of Saint Paul’s missionary work in relation to the Greco-Roman communities of his time to understand that the “tradition” of the gospel in different cultural contexts …

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