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The Yoruba And The Fading Heritage

Yoruba is the most civilized tribe in Nigeria’’ yesss, genuine Igbos and Hausas confirmed this. Yoruba is the most educated tribe in Nigeria, of course, no doubt about that; the most accommodating; most peaceful and the likes. These good attributes goes on and on. Then, ask yourself, ‘’is this as …

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Philosophical Milestones Of Life for Men

If at 20 years, you are still confused about the path to take in the journey of life, do not worry as the directions are not clear-cut at this age. If at 30 years, you still have not found your way to the path, hurry up because some of your …

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Ondo Social Structure

Ondo Town: A C.M.S Mission was opened in Ode Ondo in 1875, and in 1877 the Rev. (later Bishop) Charles Phillips arrived. The Lagos government took an interest in Ondo, hoping to find a route to the interior of Yoruba country which would by-pass the area continually stricken by Ibadan-Egba-Ijebu …

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Superstitions and Misconceptions In Yoruba Culture

Superstitions and misconceptions are found in every nook and cranny of every society around the world, in the culture, customs, religion- be it traditional or modern day religions and Yoruba society is not an exception.   The word superstition originates from Latin word ‘Superstition’ meaning ‘standing beyond, outliving’. From the …

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The Values We Lost for Sacrificing Our Traditional Court System

Although the Traditional Court system and the adopted European Court style, now adopted as ‘modern’ have some elements in common, especially with respect to the process, sequence and conference of witnesses and judicial observers, values, objectives and effectiveness however set the traditional court system above. Even as I do not …

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