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Ondo Kingdom Historical Landmarks

1510: Ondo town founded by HRM Oba Pupupu. 1516: Pupupu, the first Osemawe of Ondo (a lady), was installed. 1528: Oba AIRO the first male Osemawe and the first Son of Oba Pupupu was installed. 1590: Township development scheme began with the creation of two quarters, namely: Olurowo and Aruwa, …

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The Legends of some Ondo Proverbs

Oyinbo Ore: There was an assistant D.O in the former Okitipupa district superintending the Ore/Agbabu/Odigbo axis who attempted to convey a log of wood for building a house with a bicycle over some distance. Unfortunately he ran into a ditch and the log fell on him and killed him. That …

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Ondo Popular Ancient Poem

Melu, Melu, e se e oja o? Me ee! Gbejidokun du o mu k’eiye bo wa komi. Mo toi tee shai yu Ku e bu Mo bu shoma K’ese shoma Shoma lepa K’ese lepa Lepa nie K’ese nie Nie dogun K’ese dogun Dogun loja K’ese loja Loja nie K’ese nie …

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The Yoruba And The Fading Heritage

Yoruba is the most civilized tribe in Nigeria’’ yesss, genuine Igbos and Hausas confirmed this. Yoruba is the most educated tribe in Nigeria, of course, no doubt about that; the most accommodating; most peaceful and the likes. These good attributes goes on and on. Then, ask yourself, ‘’is this as …

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Philosophical Milestones Of Life for Men

If at 20 years, you are still confused about the path to take in the journey of life, do not worry as the directions are not clear-cut at this age. If at 30 years, you still have not found your way to the path, hurry up because some of your …

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