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Itan Alajo Somolu

Bi a ba r’enikan t’o ja fafa, Yoruba maa nso pe ori e pe bi ori Alajo Somolu to ta moto ra keke, to gba ajo l’owo eédegbeta eniyan lai wo iwe, o da owo onikaluku pada lai si ariyan jiyan kankan. Ta a ni Alajo Somolu gan? Sasa enìyàn …

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Saint Joseph’s College ‘SJC Nobilitas’ Ondo And The La Sallian Philosophy Of Youth Education

It is not unusual to develop a strong nostalgia for the formative years of one’s evolution to adulthood; to romanticize as it were, with certain aspects of one’s development – physical, mental, or academic – and forever long to live the times over and over again. During those impressionable ages …

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The Unforgotten Yoruba Author

Late Daniel Olorunfemi Fagunwa (D. O Fagunwa) was born in 1903 at Oke-Igbo, Ondo state, Yorubaland. He attended St. Luke’s School, Oke-Igbo and proceeded to St. Andrew’s College, Oyo, where he later became a teacher. He was the pioneering author of Yoruba own novels. In the year 1938, he entered …

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The History Of Ogboni Fraternity

The Yoruba Occult Group The History of Aborigine Ogboni, could be traced to that era of primordial civilization of ‘MAN’ sometimes around 4500BC in Ife-Oodaye. That period of antiquity and a geological era, very long ever before the arrival of the legendary Oduduwa himself to lle-ife around 4th – 5th …

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