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The massive expansion of the Yoruba

  The massive expansion of the Yoruba occurred in the context of the four continents united by the Atlantic Ocean. The Yoruba were among the African slaves drawn from Central and West Africa and tragically relocated to the Americas. As the enslaved, they were funnelled to the Atlantic. After the …

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Who Are The Yorubas?

The Yoruba people of south-western Nigeria are a nationality of approximately 50 million people the vast majority of whom are concentrated primarily within Nigeria but that are also spread throughout the entire world. They constitute probably the largest percentage of Africans that live in the diaspora and they have made …

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Ondo Boy’s High School (OBHS) At 95

My admission into Ondo Boys High School ( OBHS) in September 1977 was,to me, a dream come true. Not because it was the school in particular i had wanted but because it was one of the two schools I had always dreamt of attending as an innocent and naive primary …

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D. O. Fagunwa’s Literary Exertions In Yoruba Cosmology

 The first international conference to celebrate the late Daniel Olorunfemi Fagunwa, Nigeria’s foremost creative writer in the Yoruba literature genre, was held in Akure, Ondo State from the 8th-10th of August 2013. It was organized and hosted by the Centre for Black and African Arts and Civilization, CBAAC, of which …

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