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Yoruba Adage Poem Eye Melo T’olongo W’aye 

YORUBA VERSION Eye m’elo t’olongo w’aye? T’olongo! Okan dudu aro, T’olongo! Okan rere osun, T’olongo! So-so-so f’iru ba’le, So o o! So-so-so f’iru ba’le, So o o!!! ENGLISH TRANSLATION (NOTE: ‘Eye olongo’ in Yoruba means ‘robin bird’ in English. ‘T’olongo w’aye’ seems like the short form of ‘to olongo wa …

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The Culture of Partying In Yorubaland

 Partying is one of the basic form of human socialization, attending a party is fun as it exhibits happiness, friendship and togetherness among people, it is a means of socializing, having conversations and amusement. Some of us like to party hard, some are reticent or just party shy but, whether …

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The massive expansion of the Yoruba

  The massive expansion of the Yoruba occurred in the context of the four continents united by the Atlantic Ocean. The Yoruba were among the African slaves drawn from Central and West Africa and tragically relocated to the Americas. As the enslaved, they were funnelled to the Atlantic. After the …

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