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Ondo Ekimogun Eulogise

I was born in a kingdom; the king’s domain called EKIMOGUN A land with very rich origin, where the 11 o’clock tribal mark on our faces is for PRESTIGE A people from Ijama, who drink water with a bell made of GOLD A place where “Lókílì”, “Obì” ati “Gbànja” are …

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Ondo Ekimogun **Whao**

How many can I expatiate upon all the excellent scores my DEAREST FATHERLAND has been awarded across the globe. Is it the RICH CULTURAL HERITAGE of both the TRADITIONAL DRESSINGS of ALAARI , ETU, SANMINYAN, PETUJE, IYUN and the host of all or the FASHIONABLE DIFFERENT FABRIC STYLES worn by …

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