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Yoruba Adage Poem Eye Melo T’olongo W’aye 

YORUBA VERSION Eye m’elo t’olongo w’aye? T’olongo! Okan dudu aro, T’olongo! Okan rere osun, T’olongo! So-so-so f’iru ba’le, So o o! So-so-so f’iru ba’le, So o o!!! ENGLISH TRANSLATION (NOTE: ‘Eye olongo’ in Yoruba means ‘robin bird’ in English. ‘T’olongo w’aye’ seems like the short form of ‘to olongo wa …

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The Culture of Partying In Yorubaland

 Partying is one of the basic form of human socialization, attending a party is fun as it exhibits happiness, friendship and togetherness among people, it is a means of socializing, having conversations and amusement. Some of us like to party hard, some are reticent or just party shy but, whether …

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