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Let’s Celebrate The Yoruba

Fredrick Lugard had such disdain for Southern Nigerians that it was difficult for him to employ the use of positive words when he talks or writes about them. In one of his write-ups in 1912, he described the Yoruba thus: “A bunch of merry making tribe along the coast of …

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Eyi Dara O Dudu (The Ondo Architecturer And Builder)

Baba Emmanuel Famenhagun, popularly called Dudu.He was a son of Chief Sagwe Famenhagun of Odosida Street and of Yeye Olapojokun. Baba dudu was a native builder or builder of mud houses. After several years of experience he rose to become the Logbosere of other builders of mud houses in the …

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The Ondos And Bayo Akinnola

CMS Grammar School, Bariga, Lagos is the first secondary school to be established in Nigeria. It was established in 1859. Methodist Boys’ High School Lagos was established in 1878, Methodist Girls’ High School Yaba in 1879, Baptist Academy Lagos in 1885, Hope Waddel Training Institute in Calabar in 1895, Saint …

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Ondo Ancient Traditional Anthem

PUBLIC NOTICE: Please let us take note that this song, (1). Bi ola, Bi ola o, Adodo fusi s’eti omi, Jesu ma fusi s’Ondo, Ola ti b’okan w’aiye o, Ola ti b’okan w’aiye Ee. (2). Bi ola, Bi ola o, Adodo buyi s’eti omi, Jesu ma buyi s’Ondo, Ola mi …

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Yoruba Adage Poem Eye Melo T’olongo W’aye 

YORUBA VERSION Eye m’elo t’olongo w’aye? T’olongo! Okan dudu aro, T’olongo! Okan rere osun, T’olongo! So-so-so f’iru ba’le, So o o! So-so-so f’iru ba’le, So o o!!! ENGLISH TRANSLATION (NOTE: ‘Eye olongo’ in Yoruba means ‘robin bird’ in English. ‘T’olongo w’aye’ seems like the short form of ‘to olongo wa …

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