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Coming From Ondo Implies A High Sense Of Fashion Even In Traditional Wear

One of the distinguishing features of the Ondo from the many the many ethnicities of the Yoruba tribe, is through their high sense of fashion in traditional outfits; through their employment of the Yoruba”aso-oke” in such ways as to create a distinct identity by making emphatic fashion statements in traditional …

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Weaving Irun Didi – Ion Didi

It is really disheartening the way our women are losing their traditional items of beautification out of which plaiting of hair (ion didi) takes the prime place to the western culture. Of course we all know that the hair is the beauty of the woman and ‘ion didi’ has different …

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Re-Inventing Gele

Yoruba traditional head-tie worn by Yoruba women popularly known asGele is now gaining global acceptance among different groups of people who have no historical connection with the Yoruba culture. Gele is just a piece of special fabric that could be tied in different ways to give different gorgeous upshot. It …

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Ondo Ekimogun Eulogise

I was born in a kingdom; the king’s domain called EKIMOGUN A land with very rich origin, where the 11 o’clock tribal mark on our faces is for PRESTIGE A people from Ijama, who drink water with a bell made of GOLD A place where “Lókílì”, “Obì” ati “Gbànja” are …

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