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Osun-Osogbo Sacred Grove And Susanne Wenger What You Never Knew Before Now

Susanne Wenger, born July 4, 1915 in Graz, Austria. She studied art in Austria and in Vienna before travelling to Paris in 1949, where she met Ulli Beier, a German linguist. When he was offered a position as a phonetician in Ibadan, Nigeria, shortly afterwards, they decided to marry so …

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Yoruba Poem (Ojulari Ore Ko De’nu)

Ẹni a ni kofẹ ni loju, ata lofi sẹnu Eyi tani ko kinni lẹyin, ẹgun niyẹn fi sọwọ Eyi aba fọrọ lọ, alaroka pọnbele ni Igi da ẹyẹ fo, lọrọ ọmọ araaye Adaba wọn o nani aun kungbẹ, Ina njo ẹyẹ wọn nlọ ni Bi adaba awọn ọta ba n …

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Vengeance Is For God

It is in the nature of human beings when deeply hurt by someone, to want to exact vengeance. But the good Lord has said that vengeance is His! We should try not to develop the vengeful spirit because the desire for a pound of flesh is a negative emotion that …

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Waxing Spiritual (Religiosity & Piety)

Some people think the outward display of religious faiths can be interchangeable with closeness to the Almighty and should be indicative of the observance of His spiritual injunctions. If this were true, the Holy Books – the Bible, the Qur’an and the Torah – would not have been replete with …

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The Lust For Vengeance

It is human to want to take back a pound of flesh from someone who has knowingly wronged one. The desire for vengeance becomes overpowering particularly, when one believes one is on the side of righteousness on the issues concerned. Even when we know that in Romans 12:19; it written: …

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