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Waxing Spiritual (Religiosity & Piety)

Some people think the outward display of religious faiths can be interchangeable with closeness to the Almighty and should be indicative of the observance of His spiritual injunctions. If this were true, the Holy Books – the Bible, the Qur’an and the Torah – would not have been replete with …

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The Lust For Vengeance

It is human to want to take back a pound of flesh from someone who has knowingly wronged one. The desire for vengeance becomes overpowering particularly, when one believes one is on the side of righteousness on the issues concerned. Even when we know that in Romans 12:19; it written: …

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Saint Louis Secondary School, Ondo – 50Th Annivesary Of The Existence

ST LOUIS SECONDARY SCHOOL ONDO, ONDO STATE NIGERIA – BRIEF HISTORY AS GIVEN BY THE PRINCIPAL ON THE OCCASION OF THE 5OTH ANNIVERSARY OF THE SCHOOL’S EXISTENCE As the school celebrates her fifty years of Academic Excellence, I am particularly delighted and highly elated to be associated with this epoch-making …

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Her Royal Highness Oba Obinrin Lobun Dynasty In Ondo Kingdom

Ondo Kinship ideology today is highly bilateral with an emphasis on patrilineality. Unlike other Yoruba kingdoms, however, the Ondo possess a strong tendency toward matrifocality. This is expressed in the kinship term, Omiye mi, which simply means “my maternal kin,” but which is a household word and constitutes a fundamental tenet …

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