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Ondo Is Rich In Traditional Cuisine

1). OBE GBANONNON….BASIC PREPARATION: Another very popular traditional ondo soup is GBANONON also called OBELUKU.Gbanonnon is very well favored for its general Therapeutic and cleaning effect on the digestive system. Hence the name GBANONNON ( be the stew that clear the bowels). The basic ingredients are the same as OBE …

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Yoruba Poem – Ore Lope Ika Ko Sunwon

Gbogbo e da yowu to kundun ika,ko ma ranti ojo esan. Gbogbo irufe eda tin so ogulutu ki won o ma reti idaro laipe ojo, nitoripe ohun aba f’onika la o fisan. Idaro gba koko ni idaro gba’de. Oni bara kan feran lati maa toro baara loja oba ni ilu …

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Osun-Osogbo Sacred Grove And Susanne Wenger What You Never Knew Before Now

Susanne Wenger, born July 4, 1915 in Graz, Austria. She studied art in Austria and in Vienna before travelling to Paris in 1949, where she met Ulli Beier, a German linguist. When he was offered a position as a phonetician in Ibadan, Nigeria, shortly afterwards, they decided to marry so …

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