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I Once Got So Badly Ill That My Mother Threw Me Into The River To Die – Dr. Frederick Fasehun

Dr. Frederick Fasehun means different things to different people. To some, he is a medical doctor and to others a politician and the National Chairman of he defunct  Nigerian Labour Party during the transition experiment of General Ibrahim Babangida. Others know him as a politician who metamorphosed to a human rights …

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Ondo Is Rich In Traditional Cuisine

1). OBE GBANONNON….BASIC PREPARATION: Another very popular traditional ondo soup is GBANONON also called OBELUKU.Gbanonnon is very well favored for its general Therapeutic and cleaning effect on the digestive system. Hence the name GBANONNON ( be the stew that clear the bowels). The basic ingredients are the same as OBE …

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Yoruba Poem – Ore Lope Ika Ko Sunwon

Gbogbo e da yowu to kundun ika,ko ma ranti ojo esan. Gbogbo irufe eda tin so ogulutu ki won o ma reti idaro laipe ojo, nitoripe ohun aba f’onika la o fisan. Idaro gba koko ni idaro gba’de. Oni bara kan feran lati maa toro baara loja oba ni ilu …

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