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The People Of Ondo Kingdom And Their Culture: A Historical Survey And Political Underpinning

Abstract In every given nation, particularly in Africa, where tribal affiliations are strong, different groupings as tribes exist with their peculiar languages and dialects, and also the totality of the culture that singularly unifies and identifies them as a people. However, with the advent of colonialism, some of these tribes …

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Synopsis of Dr. Fredrick Isiotan Folabora Fasehun

This soft-spoken man was born on September 21, 1935 in Ondo town and put in the care of a grandmother who was uneducated but who nevertheless was a disciplinarian of the Spartan school starting education late at 13years at Saint Matthews Roman Catholic School, Ondo, Fasehun a “man” among kids …

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I Once Got So Badly Ill That My Mother Threw Me Into The River To Die – Dr. Frederick Fasehun

Dr. Frederick Fasehun means different things to different people. To some, he is a medical doctor and to others a politician and the National Chairman of he defunct  Nigerian Labour Party during the transition experiment of General Ibrahim Babangida. Others know him as a politician who metamorphosed to a human rights …

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Ondo Is Rich In Traditional Cuisine

1). OBE GBANONNON….BASIC PREPARATION: Another very popular traditional ondo soup is GBANONON also called OBELUKU.Gbanonnon is very well favored for its general Therapeutic and cleaning effect on the digestive system. Hence the name GBANONNON ( be the stew that clear the bowels). The basic ingredients are the same as OBE …

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