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Yoruba People Towns and Cities

Yoruba people have developed a variety of different artistic forms including pottery, weaving, beadwork, metalwork, and mask making. Most artwork is made to honour the gods and ancestors and since there are more than 401 known gods to the Yorubas, there is much sculpture and artwork mad. Yoruba people are …

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Ondo Kingdom, World Headquarters Of Lokili

Those who founded Ondo were no commonplace wayfarers with a prosaic, pedestrian pedigree. They were men and women enveloped in royal garments straight from the palace of the Alaafin of Oyo, the then powerful leader of the Yoruba race. Among the cities, towns and villages that make up the Yoruba …

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Burial Ceremony In Ondo Kingdom

The demise of a family member, young or old, is usually greeted with sorrow. Even though Ondo people believe that death is a necessary end and that it will come when it will come, they do not like losing any member of their family. This goes a long way to …

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Origin Of Islamic Religion In Ondo Kingdom

The Muslims constitute about 13% of the total population of the Ondo people whereas Christians constitute 73% as revealed by the population census of 1952. Gbadamosi notes that the first record of the presence of Islam in Ondo is contained in Phillips’ diary of 26th Nov. 1880. In comparison with …

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Origin Of Christian Religion In Ondo Kingdom

The history of Ondo witnessed a significant turn during the second half of the 19th century because the events that took place had a far- fetching effect on the conversion process. The prolonged Yoruba civil war of the 19th century had serious impact on Ondo and her people. There was …

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