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Predestination – Kadara , Ayanmo, Ipin, Or Akose jaye

Yoruba people of the archaic days strongly believed in predestination. They rush to the shrine to confirm a newborn’s predestination/Akose-jaye. That apart, before they embark on any significant task, they would consult a priest to ensure it conforms with their Kadara. Yoruba people strongly believe each person’s Kadara is unique …

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Oriki Obinrin Yoruba

Obinrin ni aya okunrin, Obinrin ni iya okunrin Okunrin a ma lagbara sugbon obinrin a ma l’ete Ete si niyi, ni iwon ju agbara lo Ni won ma fi ni wipe Okunrin ti obinrin o le mu, iyen ti mi tan l’atano Obinrin a pa eje modi, atun fidi le …

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Why Eye Odidere Is Oftentimes Called Aiyekooto

Agbe alahun alahun aro, Aluko alahun alahun osun, Lekeleke alahun alahun efun. B’omo o lahun won a pe baba. From time immemorial, the Yoruba language has taken in a lot of nature into the building bricks of her linguistic structures. In the same vein, The Yoruba have remarkable love for …

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Woman As Member Of Family in Yoruba Society

That a daughter is born in a family is never seen as a bad omen like in some societies. Both genders are welcome in the Yorùbá family with all fanfare. The family members would even posit that ‘Owo ero lo fi bere (lit. She starts with softness/gentleness) when a wife …

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Giving Birth – Ako̩ n B’abo

In Yorubaland, giving birth is an important occurrence and congratulatory message is always followed by the question ” Ako̩ n B’abo ” which simply means ” Male or Female ? This was a normal question which I believe would be common in any community around the world.   Previously in …

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