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Our Culture and Language Must Not Be Mistaken

A contemporary Yoruba Muslim or Christian is wary of saying ASE because it is common amongst the traditionalists. And some do not want to say OLODUMARE because they think it is the name of a deity. Others do not want to say AJE AWA (a statement that is common among the Yorubas for traders to make good sales) believing that Aje is a deity.

Hence, saying ‘Aje awa- you shall make sales or sales shall come’ is close to disbelief. I say, all those things are misunderstandings. ASE is the Yoruba word for Amen(Europe) or Amin (Asia).

OLODUMARE is the Yoruba word for God (English), Chineke (Igbo), Ubangiji (Hausa), Allah (Arabic) and so on. AJE is the Yoruba word for ‘Sales’. Whenever a Yoruba says ‘Aje awa o’, it simply means, you shall make sales. It has no other meaning except that which you take it to mean by yourself. If you think it is a sin, then you are making a mistake.

However, you may avoid it if your intention is not clear about it. The meaning of every word depends on the intention of the speaker and the interpretation of the listener. Every man shall receive his rewards according to his intentions. We are Yorubas, it is God that made us Yorubas. Our language (EDE WA) and Culture(ASA ATI ISE WA) i.e. those that are not contradictory to humanity and our various faiths should not be killed.

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