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Orisa Is Not Idol Worship

The word”IDOL”, is derived from the Greek word, ‘EIDOLON’ which simply means, “image”. In the continent of Africa, I have not seen, read of or heard about the image of ‘GOD’ demonstrated in one form or the other whether in the form of a picture, mould, carving or drawing which can conveniently provoke and promote the thought of Man to realizing the possible ‘morphology’ (shape or form) of God. It is quite clear to an African that ‘Olodumare’ (God) is transcendental and hence, it borders down on abomination and self-deceit to represent God in a form whatsoever.

It is to be recognized that images of objects can be formed concrete or verbal. Hence, to the mind of every African, God becomes a formless Force of Supremacy (Megaforce) duly recognized as real, active, alive and omnipresent governing the earth and heavens, indeed, the universe!

It is emphatically certain, in all the above (as earlier explained ) in the way of “service” of the. Supreme Force by the African-man (at the instance of the Deities), through propitiations, that there is no noticeable “image” of any form that is worshipped; real objects of Nature that found favour-use with the Deities (while on earth) are only assembled to serve as the substratum to magnetize the spirit of the Deities under propitiation – as such Deities are believed by the African as the intermediaries btween him and God when invoked or appealed to (by supplication or otherwise); or they (Deities) cross his path-ways to God when unrecognzed or neglected or abandoned.

Logically, it should be recognized that there is a difference between worshipping “something” and standing before something” to worship something as a way of (better) service to the original something best known to the intermediates. And so, to recognize, call or identify Traditional Religion (Ifa) as Idol-worship” calls for a better brain to scrutinize, examine, and admit (for criterion-justification of sanity) when the true meaning of the word, Idol (derived from Greek, Eidolon) means “imega”. Hence, it is a misuse of word by men of mean reasoning who wallow in dersion and unwarranted condemnation of “that” which belongs to them, when, especially, they find themselves wanting in deep and meaningful researches into that which belongs to them. Africans are, by no means, idol-worshippers in their ways of service to the Supreme Force as they act in consonance with reality of existence of Man on earth vis-a-vis the Deities ‘et al’.

“Ifa” says; ‘That’ with which they are born wins not their admiration. It is the foreign ideals that they embrace very readily Divined for the (baited) hook which goes with the fish (in the waters)
Now, howbeit, that all the goodies(of life) that are out of our reach. Let the hook (of good fortune) plus our inner (spiritual) head bait them all to our gainful advantage.
(Irete+Ogbe) Aboru aboye….

Written and Source By: Prince Adeyinka Ojopagogo
ICIR, Social Media Officier

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