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Ondo Royal Family Genealogy: Speak To Your Destiny Rather Than Been A Confusionist

If it is because of envy and jealousy, please kindly speak to your destiny rather than been a confusionist.

I am deeply concerned about few ‘Fake History Writers Social Media Practitioners’ due to their public gallery contradictory information and unknown write up without any authority source read from an Ondo Township Group created on Facebook – ONDO KINGDOM: I AM PROUD OF MY HERITAGE.

I am confidence to sound it loud and clear, that it could been better for those referred to talk about the good, if any or the bad that remain in delible memory till today in Ondo Town within their own personal or extended family, rather than bringing the genealogy of Ondo Royal Family history into disrepute on Facebook social media on an attempt for cheap recognition.

I have said it before and I quote it from that source; “The Otunba appellation like Otunba-woka, Ogwa, Odigho, Lewude, Lewu woyi woyi and etc with the Osemawe traditional appellation as Omo Abaiye, Omo Ajiwajiwaleke does not sound contradictory in the genealogy of Royal family. It is simply to preserve the Royal ascendancy and Osemawe institution as grand custodian of the throne. Their role is ordinarily to support the Osemawe on throne as family constituency members at all time, especially when it happened to be from the same Ruling House. The word Otunba is a Royal title but not Chieftaincy to distinguish the descendants of past Osemawes in a public gathering or among the other Traditional Chieftaincy title holders in Ondo Kingdom. It have been commonly used in the past by some influential elderly Royal family members but due to lack of central information or cheap media message, it was not known to many others”.

I must confess, that I did not see any meaningful importance or recognize specialty about the issue of ‘Otunba or Chieftaincy Title’; but what matter most is whom you are, how you are known, what you do to benefit others, your humility and how you relate with people in both private and public occasion including your parental background.

It should be noted however that those occupying position temporarily cannot be there forever; it is for limited period of time while posterity will judge their record of brief stint in life, either good or bad but the choice is yours.

Please let us continue to respect each other, with the believe that the respect is reciprocal. Let us appreciate each other and give honour whenever it is due all these in pursuant of genuine peace for the betterment of our heritage called Ondo Kingdom.

God Bless Ondo Kingdom.

Authored By:
Otunba Damilola Oladimeji POH, ECHGA, GIOU
(Ojo Gbogbo Bi Odun ‘II’)
Ekimogun Cultural Heritage Global Ambassador
Leyo Ruling House – Ondo Kingdom
‘Omo Oba Odunola Ojagodolokun: O’ne n’ejo do ba Orun e wi’

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