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Ondo Kingdom Eulogise

Ondo Kingdom, My homeland – a place where our story begins…

Other lands are made of bricks and beams, but Ekimogun is built with love and dreams.

…with four corners that enclose the right people.

Glorious, Glamorous, Gorgeous and Generous

We are the Chief School of Shinning Shimmering Virtues

Illustrious by undisputed surrounding peace in a serene ether.

We travel the world over in search of treasures, but always return home to find it

Warmth! Fresh breath! Long life over hasty death!

Beautiful Looks! Brainy Books! Clean Brooks! Good Foods! Brilliant Cooks!

Ondo Eghi is the home we know and the land we love – a place that our feet may leave, but not our hearts.


Listen to a big cock crow in the land where the sun sets

Its break of dawn, all hail the peculiar people of Ijama

Echoes of many feet, we are going to Ondo Eghi

To our homestead, all dressed in Alaari loi Aso, iyi aa mu pon’mo – a cut above the rest

Be it Asho, L’iketa, L’ujomu, L’ishida, L’agbede or L’ifoe…

E ma binu o, a jae monfe

Awa omo a s’oro magbalagbe o, a jae monfe ooo

Omo ala san’bien li, a jae monfe ooo…


Like a Peacock, Omo Logun – a m’ula miji oju s’eye, appears from a distance with so much poise.

Stepping with so much Grace, Glory and Guts.


Don’t tell a deaf man that a soup is spicy, Or a blind man that the market is disarrayed.

Ondo Kingdom, led by a stunning King, is Beauty, Creativity and Uniqueness encapsulated…

Come with me to UGHA and see Arewa Oba l’aafin Ekimogun…

Abaiye o! O ku opolopolo!

O monmo ‘ebo, o mu yie shaif’ana

Uku alashe, ugba’gbomola

Ajiwajiwa’leke! O toitileke b’awon d’obien oyo

O s’oko dudu, s’oko pupa

Om’omo ghun’ko tounti’bebe e

D’ade pe lo’i, di bata pe n’ose Oba wa

Osemawe of Ondo Land

Uwonke’e a d’abe’e n’owo Kabiesi o.


The Bell of Gold blares, the rhythm of Gangan, Ayalu and Omele shakes our feet.

They beat in unison, beckoning to us to remember our Spectacular and Phenomenal Origin.

Singing of the Ugba Uli we will use to S’oge and the Awo Uli we will use to S’eyan

Kajo Kajo Kajo, dance is in our blood…

Kayo Kayo Kayo, rejoicing in our hearts…

Uyo e yo leun yo san, makes goodness dey rush us.

A people that ooze smiles, joy and happiness, like “Shengennenshen”

N’Ondo o shengennenshen, n’Ekimogun o shengennenshen.


Like branches on a tree, we all grow in different directions but our root remains the same

Our streets are made of wet cement. The longer you stay, the harder it is to leave and you can never let go without leaving your footprints.

We love soaking Gai yo kan, inside omi tutu yo sewon with Eja Gbede, pelu taibo ati iyo – the definition of a perfect lunch on a hot Afternoon.

An early morning walk from Okelisa to Arilekolasi is highly recommended to keep you fit.

And when dinner time comes, you don’t want to miss Iyán pelu obe Èfó garnished with lúkotokíkí, eangbé ati ìpée.

The ache for Ondo Eghi lives in all of us, the safe place where we can go as we are and not be questioned.

We are the salt of any community we find ourselves;

E ka mon bia tein, a boi wa yo e gb’odo.

If “manners makes man” as someone said, then we are the heroes of the day.

And yes, indeed, e si, e si o, e s’onuya n’omo’ndo o eee…


E men s’emi nukan o n’Ondo, Ondo wa dede

E men s’emi nukan o n’Ekimogun o, tuwo dede

E men s’emi nukan o n’ayo, ayo wa dede

E men s’emi nukan o n’Ondo o, tuwo dede … !

written And Composed By : Oni Gege Ara‎

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