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Ondo Is Rich In Traditional Cuisine

1). OBE GBANONNON….BASIC PREPARATION: Another very popular traditional ondo soup is GBANONON also called OBELUKU.Gbanonnon is very well favored for its general Therapeutic and cleaning effect on the digestive system. Hence the name GBANONNON ( be the stew that clear the bowels).
The basic ingredients are the same as OBE KEEGHE (stew), however,certain herbs are added generously to give GBANONNON it’s special flavour and unique medicinal qualities.
THE HERBS USED INCLUDE; Eweluku, Ewe Ighere, Ewe Asen, Ewe Efonle, Ewe Igbee, Ewe Ailu, Ewe Taye (r-m), Ewe Apata,Ijeje, Eruru, Efinrin.
BASIC INGREDIENTS; Fresh Pepper, Tommatoes, Onion, Bush Meat,Fresh meat, Dried smoked fish (Eja Agbabu),Ogii, Era ‘gii, Palm oil then Salt (to taste).
METHOD…..The Ea’gii is ground into a smooth paste and cooked for some times to reduce the intensity of its smell, the ground pepper,onion and tomatoes added along with a small quantity of Palm oil. Not much oil is required for GBANONNON so as not to make it too fatty.

The various herbal spices ground into a very smooth paste are then added along with meat,fish and salt.The whole mixture is well simmered until the required thickness is obtained. GBANONNON is also very often cooked with snail and IPE E. It is very popular with IYAN and is often prepared for Pregnant women who have just put to bed as well as convalescents. It’s non-fat and herbal quality are the special attraction in these identified conditions..Nowardays,Many town/villages outside Ondo kingdom have emulated the Ondos in preparing the soup even for commercial purposes.

2). EKUU OGEDE IN ONDO KINGDOM: Ekuu Ogede is made from plantain flour, that is unripe plantain.The flour is mixed with water pure into a flat plate with smooth paste of dropping consistency ground , pepper and onion are added with salt to taste, crayfish and a handful or two of pre- cooked black eye beans may be added to further enrich the meal. The paste is then wrapped in small quantities in cooking leaves and steam just like moin moin.

3). AM’YALE (AM’GIDO): For AM’YALE , the main ingredient is WATER YAM (EWUA) The water yam is peeled washed and grated. The great water yam is then wrapped in cooking leaves and steamed. When it is done, it is cut into smaller morsel size pieces.Rough ground pepper and onion are added with a little palm oil and salt to taste. The mixture is cooked very lightly until the added ingredients are done…AM’YALE Is also called AM’GIDO .This name derives from the way the food is eaten, as the pieces are picked up for eating with small sticks like toot pick

4). THE USE OF IPE E AND EWUKU FOR COOKING: Another specialty of Ondo traditional cooking is the use of “IPE E” ( a small type of snail) and “EWUKU” ( a type of silkworm) in stews.

IPE E (IPERE)…..These are muluscs of the snail family found amongst shrubs and farm plants. They are Ondo‘s equivalent of the periwinkles that the Efiks use in preparing EDIKAIKOH. The muluscs are gathered in large quantity when they are in season, usually during the rainy season. ( April – July). They are boiled, deshelled and cleaned. They could be used fresh or fried as additional ingredients for OBELALASEPO other types of stews. Hence the popular saying in Ondo “OKELE KAN OMO IGBIN KAN, AIYE NBE L’ONDO FA!! “., meaning, Eating is a real pleasure in Ondo where Morsel is adorned with one ‘omo igbin (ipere).

EWUKU….. Ondos also spice their cooking with EWUKU, the larvae of the salt worm. The larvae are housed in a naturally occuring thick brown bag hanging on trees in the forest. When harvested, these larvae are roasted and used as additional ingredients in soups. EWUKU IS A REAL DELICACY!!


TAPON is a “confinience stew” prepared almost wholly with raw ingredients.The basic ingredients are MELON SEED (Egunsi) which is lightly toasted. A few pepper and EFIRIN are grounded very smoothly along with the toasted melon seed. A small knob or EAGII may be added if desired. A little water is added to make a smooth paste of droping consistency. A pinch of salt is then added and the stew is ready.
TAPON UN as it used to be called by our aged mothers is popular with IYAN especially on the farm where it is very convinient becouse it is very easy to prepare. No laborious cooking is needed and no meat is required. It is used on long journey because it can be kept for days,and it is a semi- liquid soup which is readily carried about without spilling.

INGREDIENTS; Unripe plantain ( 2-6 as needed)
Some raw chilli pepper (Taibo whe’e)
Onion-one small size
Palm oil (a little quantity) one or two teaspoonfulls
METHOD; The plantain are roasted and beaten by hand very lightly on the grinding stone called OTA’BE in Ondo, the roughly ground onion,pepper and oil are then added to it in a bowl and mixed thoroughly. Salt is added to taste, CRAYFISH may be added.
LETI PI as it is called by our aged mothers is very tasty, convinient and filling.


Source By: Engr. Mbc Akinbileje Matthew

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