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Ondo Ekimogun Eulogise

I was born in a kingdom; the king’s domain called EKIMOGUN

A land with very rich origin, where the 11 o’clock tribal mark on our faces is for PRESTIGE
A people from Ijama, who drink water with a bell made of GOLD
A place where “Lókílì”, “Obì” ati “Gbànja” are the god’s delicacies
Where our extremely high SELF-ESTEEM is mistaken as pride by foreigners
And our JOVIALITY is mis-seen as promiscuity by the same
A land distinguished by serene ambience, unparalleled elegance and intense beauty
Where women are naturally endowed and worthy to behold
And men are full of strength, dignity and valour
They say we are stubborn, I say that’s because we are not Cowards

We daily kill 7 Goats for 7 Boasts to eat Àsun
Make 7 Wriggles to 7 Wiggles when we dance Ujó-Obitun
We put 7 Cowries in 7 Dowries, to marry a single woman
Eat 7 Kolanuts, give 7 Walnuts, n’íjó e bée s’ágún
We have 7 Lives with 7 Wives, and keep them indoors on Odún-mokò
We do not joke with iyán ati obelá-lásèpò pèlu eangbé ati ìpée. Bó dèn se obe gbánúnnùn, dédékìna
Our Èfó must be garnished with lúkotokíkí and when we see Àlàáì (lóí Aso), our heart rejoices

I am not only AFRICAN, not only NIGERIAN, not only YORÙBÁ, but also an original unadulterated Ondo-blooded Man.
The True Son of Lugard, Obámúwàsàn, Òsèshà bonén shodún

Yes, Indeed, ÀJÒ Ò LÈ LÁÍLÁÍ DÀ B’ILÉ (No place can ever be like home)
The reality that you don’t choose where you came from leaves you no choice but to be proud of it, especially when it’s one of the best around
Obayé Obàun, please bless my homeland forever!

Written By: Oni Gege Ara

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