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More Fact To Know About Ondo Town Past Events – Late High Chief Joseph Akinola Akinsipe (Lipakala) Of Blessed Memory

The Ondo Town once known as seat of the Ondo Native Authority, Ondo Divisional Council and later became Ondo Local Government Council, and today known as Ondo West Local Government Council which has served as the Administrative Headquarters of today’s Ondo State and Ekiti State respectively since the ‘Indirect Rule Government’ and administration of the then Governor General / Premier of  the Western Regional Government until the creation of Ondo State in 1976.

The Ondo Town has been known as one of the busiest and lucrative business areas in Yorubaland, because of the fact that our forefathers engaged so much in the slave trade, farm produce and general merchants which attracts successful traders from other neighbouring towns such as Ijebu, Ilesa, Ado Binni (Benin), Ekiti, Ibadan, Ikale, Ilaje, Sagamu, Owu, Oyo, Ilorin, Onitsha, Calabar and etc. Even before and after the amalgamation of Nigeria in 1914.

Regrettably, the Ondo Town lost the sighting of the State Capital in 1976 due to obnoxious intransigent attitude and lack of cooperation among the entire ‘Ondo Township Populace’ with the absence of ability to support any good cause initiated by our other fellow citizen. The idea featured prominently in the central society, but we lost it due to the inability of a common and undiluted support for one another to jointly pursue the same goal for the betterment of our heritage.

To buttress my point, there have been several Logbosere in Ondo Town before and after late Chief Joseph Akinola Akinsipe of blessed memory, but none of them have ever performed credibly to the spreading of wealth among ‘Ondo Township Citizens’ in history without any discrimination. I doubt, if we can ever have such person in the next century to come among our unborn generation, except If we energise our strength together and start the building of ‘New Ondo Town’ that will effectively change the things of the old and unpopular idea of assisting hatred, envy and malice on an attempt to underrate and undermine each other unnecessarily because of egoistic, jealousy and lackadaisical attitude which has destroyed so many better development among us as an individual and as a Community.

To this end, I found it most appropriate to educate few of our people with mumbo jumbo of ideas that hold no weight where they usually attach unnecessary sentiment to something that does not matter. I must state the fact that ‘traditional or honourary chieftaincy title has nothing to do with someone that are endowed graciously with formidable personality, highly influential and notable figure, mostly blessed with wealth and gifted to help others, which usually create powerful and uncommon recognition to such personality in our society. Especially, when they are loved and recognised by their Community people for their good gestures and developmental efforts.

Whereas, ‘chieftaincy title’ are somehow worthless, priceless and valueless which does not go beyond the jurisdiction of where you are given such title by the Oba (King) and does not serve any gainful purpose than an enslavement to someone with community ‘Temporary Supervisory Office’, which cost certain individuals with huge financial commitment to maintain without any relevant or gainful reward for such expenditures: let us think deeply.

Although, under the ‘Governing Law’ that gives recognition to the Community Heads, few of those chieftaincy carriers are paid as Local Government Council workers along with the Obas (Kings), Palace servant chiefs, security officers, labourers, burglars, clerks and etc. It cannot be out of record which literarily transmitted to history about the fact that late High Chief Joseph Akinola Akinsipe was installed Chief Logbosere of Ondo Kingdom where he reigned for many years, by HRM Oba Robert Itiade Adekolurejo ‘42ND OSEMAWE’ and Paramount Ruler of Ondo Kingdom (1976 -1991), along with His Royal Majesty, Alara of Igunsin, who also installed the late sage as High Chief Logbosere of Igunsin (both are recognised Crown Obas) as destined by the Almighty God. The rest are no longer germane because no one can withdraw chieftaincy honours except the office insignia ordinary function which are transferable through resignation, no more interested, death or otherwise as the case may be or as applied to those who are involved.

I will close this referral with the fact that it is only the ‘Almighty God that giveth and taketh life, when He so wishes without anyone been able to question ‘His Authority’.  We are going to be diagnosed of something in the reality of life that will eventually lead us to our death individually. Many of us secretly suffered from terminal illness or underlining illness without disclosure to the general public which makes some of us vulnerable against living longer in life as destined by our Creator.

I found it most appropriate to add to this factual submission through the memorable and noble philosophical assertion which I read from the book of Julius Caesar, by that 16th century bard of Avon, the multi talented and highly gifted World acclaimed poet, playwright and actor, William Shakespeare and I quote: “Seeing that death, a necessary end, will come when it will come”. No human being is responsible for another human beings death, because it is always authorised from ‘Our Father in Heaven’.

I will pulse here to salute the vision statement of ‘His Eminence’, late High Chief Bayo Akinnola, OJO GBOGBO BI ODUN ‘I’ (Lisa of Ondo Kingdom, 2001 – 2013) of blessed memory and I quote: “As we all know, the survival instinct can also lead to a primitive instinct. This attitude may also be responsible for the disinclination of the Ondos to cooperate with one another so as to form a common front. It is everyone for himself and God for all syndrome. If the Ondos can moderate their cynical attitude in favour of an attitude that encourages the principle of being one another brother’s keeper, there is no doubt that the Ondo will fly like eagles and not be weary. All Ondos have a part to play in this great movement for the sensitization of our people and the emancipation of active ideals such that it may be said of us we did what was within our means to do”

In conclusion, please let us continue to give honour to whom honour is due during and after their lifetime. We are only celebrating the life achievement of the great philanthropist – late High Chief Joseph Akinola Akinsipe, a proud achiever and acclaimed community helper, a magnificent industrialists and illustrious son of Ondo Town, who have contributed immensely to the creation of jobs and economic development of our heritage during his lifetime without any rival up to this moment.

We shall continue to laud your good legacies as a cheerful giver and enthusiasm with smart appearance, charming and jovial attitude with high sense of excellent communication and remarkable pleasantries at all times.

There is no doubt about the fact that you will forever remain the largest employer of Ondo Township citizenry during your lifetime and it will be very difficult for someone to overrun such an uncommon record:

1.C Circle Club House
2. C Circle Luxurious Bus Lagos Transport.
3. Lipakala Farms.
4. General Endeavours Petroleum Company
5. Lipakala Quarry.
6. Educational Scholarships Award.
7. Logbosere Quarters House – Oreretu, Ondo Town.
8. Logbosere Community Hall Igunsin Town.
9. Building of Academic buildings and libraries for Schools and Communities.
10. Financial supports to Churches, Mosques and Associations.
11. Donation of Church Buildings
12. And many more.

The late sage invested so much in the development of Ondo Boys High School (old Ondo High School) where he obtained his Secondary School Cambridge Certificate. He generously powered the 1st Ekimogun Day Festival with moral and huge financial commitment to achieve the success of that particular event in 1988.

SPECIAL TRIBUTE: Orun rere o, Baba Logbosere Akinsipe, Omo kansoso yo j’ugba omo lo n’ale Ondo, Otunba-Woka, Omo Lewude, Omo Lewu Aimoju b’omi, Omo Ogwa, Omo Odigho, Omo Fai n’aje fai n’agogo de tun lu ugbaji n’uli Airo, Omo Baba Akinsipe Lipakala Oyinbo, I’a Ijoka, O n’ebi yo san dede ni Ijoka, O’ne yi a tun mu Ijoka gwe, Liketa Ajina, Omo Liketado bi ogho so si de ogho ka, Agbaa, Ato, Omu’an ye kan Oba n’oju. Aatitun ni Oreretu … O tun da obun-omuen!!!

May Papa gentle and humble soul continue to rest in perfect peace …. Loud Amen.

Otunba Damilola Oladimeji ‘POH, ECHGA, GIOU’

Ojo Gbogbo Bi Odun ‘II’

Ekimogun Cultural Heritage Global Ambassador

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