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Learn DifferentT Types Of Drums (Ulu) In Ondo Kingdom For Pleasure

(1) KUMBE….This appears to be one of the oldest drum beat for pleasure among the Ondos. It consists of the GANGAN, KONKOLO and GUDU-GUDU. People use it during burial, marriage and child-naming ceremonies.

(2) OJELE…..Consists of the same number of drums as the KUMBE, and it is used in the same way and for the same purpose as the KUMBE, but it has a different rhythm, the Agba rhythm , which sound like the modern CONGA.

(3) ADAN…..Is made up of three flat drums of varying sounds and sizes like those used for the ASIKO MUSIC . It has a similar drum rhythm to the KUMBE. Infact, it is more often than not beaten exactly like it. In line with ADAN are the IJIGI and the IJOI. One significant feature of this music is that a lot of IJALA or EWI goes along with the group and this portrays the historical and philosophical point of view of the Ondos. The music is used for all sorts of ceremonies like the KUMBE drum and one particular need of it is for the UGWEFO ceremony of a deceased man and it is used at all times and on all occasions when the beating of any GANGAN type of drum is forbidden.

(4) ASIKO, GOMBE,PEKUENE….were introduced to Ondo at one time and the other; but they are no longer in vogue.
The late MR J. A FAWEHINMI, a social figure who had travelled wide,will be remembered as the Man who introduced ASIKO to Ondo and remained its arch-patron for a long time.
GOMBE….for instance, was brought down from Lagos, originally to Okitipupa by the ILAJES and IKALES, who learnt the art from SIERIA-LEONIANS there and from whom the Ondo people took it over. Most of the SIERIA LEONIANS using the music in Lagos, if not all, were Christians, and so on, the early Christians of Ondo accepted the drum as befitting Christians and other Christian ceremonies.

PEKUENO….Is a native music of OWO known as OSEGHE. It was introduced to Ondo during the time of LISA ANJONNU (Fawehinmi I). It was taken up seriously by the Ondo youth to the extent that it took much of the valuable time they ought to devote to farming. EVENTUALLY PEKUENO WAS BANNED BY ONDO AUTHORITY.

(5) KENGEN…This is specially reserved for the OSEMAWE and members of the immediate royal family for normal festivals or ceremonial occasions , apart from rituals.

(6) KEKEGE…… Is similar to KENGHEN but it is used by other chiefs and the members of the ROYAL FAMILY. It is also used for special ceremonies like OBITON.

(7) PEGBE LARINDI, JOMUEKE, KULUMBU and SIPANPALA…. These constitutes a different type of drum music used in Ondo at one time or the other. The first three are a kind of variations of the GANGAN drum beat, while the last SIPANPALA is the combination of a flat kind of drum JUJU with the long flat fruit of a tree. They are all out of use now..ONDO IS VERY RICH IN CULTURE!!!.

Written By: Mbc Akinbileje Matthew

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