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Is Our Culture Of Respecting Elders The Bane Of Our Progress ?

“I get sick to my stomach when I read or hear people tell me about culture and tradition and the respect for elders, when the same elders are feeding on the flesh, blood, destruction, oppression, suffering and sorrows and tears of the masses.

How can you ever respect a so called elder who lives his life on such principles?No wonder the foolish youth merely follow them blindly all in the name of cultures and traditions without them realizing that their own humanity and life supersedes any culture and tradition.

No wonder Nigeria remains in such a state after the so called independence, when we are scared to speak the truth and take action.Under the guise of culture and tradition and respect for elders, we fail to stand up for our rights and speak the truth and kick those leeches off our lands and resources!
All in the name of respect for elders we continue keeping quiet while we suffer and die in penury and poverty.If a gang of thieves came into your home robbing and raping will you sit back and say because they are older folks, I’ll respect them and let them be? or will you arise and fight back?

We, Nigerians (Yorubas) have to wake up from this blind followership of cultures and traditions. Man makes them not the other way around and as man evolves and based on his needs his cultures and traditions must evolve to meet his needs.We need to develop a new culture and tradition for justice, equality and the truth.

Where we shall be able to go after any leader, old or young that mis-uses our resources.We need a new kind of respect for true leaders and contempt, disrespect and punishment for bad ones.

That is what we must become, the NEW AFRICAN

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