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Ondo Kingdom – Why we are, where we are

There are some fundamental things that determine or dictate the way we are and to a great extent, what we do. In simple terms, this situation is believed to be affected by who your parents are, from whom certain attributes are inherited; the environment in which you live in terms …

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Appraisal Of Ondo Ways Of Greetings That Are Going Into Extinction

Although the people of Ondo Kingdom belong to the Yoruba race that have their peculiar ways of greetings that distinguish them from other tribes. In the older days male and female children in ONDO Kingdom are taught how to greet people by their parents. For instance in the morning the male …

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Crime Of Yesteryears In Ondo (Olorunwa And Allah-dey)

One of the most celebrated trials of murder in Ondo was the one that involved the arraignment and eventual conviction of two friends – Olorunwa and Allah-dey – for the first degree murder of a pregnant Ondo woman, Funmilayo, at a stream near Aogo in the early 60s. Olorunwa, (real …

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