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Fact About Religion

Some people are so wrong by condemning other’s people religions, we all knows that most of us claiming to be Christians are just church attendant. We claim to be Christ follower but non can act like Him, so what is the benefit of acting what you are not.

Those practising other religions are more faithful than we Christians, for example if the Christian are fasting, hardly forty percent (40%) of the Christian in the world can participate during the fasting, but eighty percent (80%) of Muslim participated, yet we condemn and claim we are the most holy.

Many other nation’s who don’t believe in Christ are doing great; Thailand, Korea, Japan, China even Indian are one of the fastest growing nation of our present time as far as technology is concern and this nation only believed in Budhaism and other deity and some other nation practice Islam and yet they are doing great, for example Saudi Arabia. Most African run to this country for survival, yet we discriminate and condemned their religion.

African lost their pride because we gave up our deity, culture, custom and religion and today we claim to be Christian’s yet we are third world countries and continent. All the deity we forsake are what the evil white men are using to rule the world. It’s time we wake up and stop condemning other people religion, what ever you believed in, practice it with all your heart and leave the rest for God to judge.

If some people in USA can dedicate their self to Satan to the extent of making a temple for him, how much more we that believed in God even though it is divers way’s be it Christians, Islam or Tradition, we all believed in God.

One of the Christian Nation is practising the most dreadful things and yet their motto is In God We Trust, despite having head quarter of satanic church in New York, greatest occult called Illuminati, and legalised gay and lesbian marriage. These are countries we look up to as a Christian’s but still they are doing unexpected things.

Please stop discriminating, when we die God will judge us accordingly, then we will know whether heaven or hell is real.

Source & Written by: Roykay


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