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Eyi Dara O Dudu (The Ondo Architecturer And Builder)

Baba Emmanuel Famenhagun, popularly called Dudu.He was a son of Chief Sagwe Famenhagun of Odosida Street and of Yeye Olapojokun. Baba dudu was a native builder or builder of mud houses. After several years of experience he rose to become the Logbosere of other builders of mud houses in the town and its wild.

It was fashionable, up to 1975 or 1976, to see many completed mud houses in the town with inscriptions like: “EYI DARA O DUDU” meaning “this is good dudu” If there was any of such mud houses that failed to satisfy Chief Dudu, he would not make any form of inscription on its wall. “EYI DARA O DUDU” was therefore a certificate of satisfactory completion entitling the owner of such house to move in with confidence.

He was author of a pamphlet in which he catalogued the number of Streets that were dedicated in the reign of Tewogboye ll (1942-1974) and those that existed before. He also named the head chiefs of quarters in the town and indicated their respective totemistic bards. His residence 69,Odosida Street,Ondo.

Source and Written By: Akinmolayan Opeoluwayemi

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