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Yoruba Poem (Ojulari Ore Ko De’nu)

Ẹni a ni kofẹ ni loju, ata lofi sẹnu Eyi tani ko kinni lẹyin, ẹgun niyẹn fi sọwọ Eyi aba fọrọ lọ, alaroka pọnbele ni Igi da ẹyẹ fo, lọrọ ọmọ araaye Adaba wọn o nani aun kungbẹ, Ina njo ẹyẹ wọn nlọ ni Bi adaba awọn ọta ba n …

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Weaving Irun Didi – Ion Didi

It is really disheartening the way our women are losing their traditional items of beautification out of which plaiting of hair (ion didi) takes the prime place to the western culture. Of course we all know that the hair is the beauty of the woman and ‘ion didi’ has different …

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Re-Inventing Gele

Yoruba traditional head-tie worn by Yoruba women popularly known asGele is now gaining global acceptance among different groups of people who have no historical connection with the Yoruba culture. Gele is just a piece of special fabric that could be tied in different ways to give different gorgeous upshot. It …

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I Lied To My Mother That I Was In UNILAG – KSA

MUST READ: For three years, I lied to my mother I was in UNILAG – KSA Juju music maestro, King Sunny Ade, shares his life experiences in this interview with ADEOLA BALOGUN. A lot of people might find it very difficult to believe that you are 67 with your looks; …

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Ondo – A People Like No Other

I have never stopped to wonder about the uniqueness and superiority of the different aspects of Ondo culture – their traditions and customs., their language, music, songs and dance, ceremonies and festivals, costumes, foods and cuisine. Now I begin to think that the reasons behind this phenomenon may not be …

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The True Meaning Of The Word Yoruba

MUST READ !!! Have you always thought about where the word Yoruba originate?? Have you heard many misconception and misapprehension that left you baffled?? That was what got hold of me too so I decided to dig into it. What is the meaning of Yoruba? Does it have any inclination …

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