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The Features Of Yoruba Religion.

Like many West African natives, Yoruba practiced the traditional religion, before the introduction of Christianity and Islam. Each community has individual deity (or deities) peculiar to its devotional needs, for instance: Ifẹ worship Ọlọjọ, Ọyọ worship Ṣango, Ibadan worship Oke, Ijẹbu has Agẹmọ, Ẹgba worship Alalẹ, Ondo worship Ogun. Despite …

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Our Culture and Language Must Not Be Mistaken

A contemporary Yoruba Muslim or Christian is wary of saying ASE because it is common amongst the traditionalists. And some do not want to say OLODUMARE because they think it is the name of a deity. Others do not want to say AJE AWA (a statement that is common among …

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Christian Faith And Cultures Historical Background

The practice of taking the Good News to different cultures has taken place throughout the entire history of the Church. We need only think of Saint Paul’s missionary work in relation to the Greco-Roman communities of his time to understand that the “tradition” of the gospel in different cultural contexts …

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A Goodly Heritage

Today, after over five hundred years of existence, Ondo Kingdom has evolved, carved itself a compelling stage and not only on the Yoruba landscape but in the national, final analysis and on the global horizon. An average Ondo man is very proud of his heritage. In a sense, what drives …

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Contribution Of Bishop Phillips To The Church And Economic Development In Ondo Community

The period 1873 – 1900, was the period in Ondo history when the Anglican Church Missionaries Introduced Christianity to the traditional community. The missionary enterprise was under the leadership of Bishop Charles Phillips. It was that period that, he and early Christian introduced Cocoa seedling to the Ondo people. It …

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